Hyundai Venue
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Hyundai Venue Launch in Australia

Hyundai Venue – Hyundai have launched a new SUV onto the market, the Venue.  They picked the name because they want you to think that it is “the place to be!”: clever marketing.  They are also calling it an SUV – that needs more clarification. [Read More]

Honda HRV

Honda HRV Radio Review

Honda first made their HRV small SUV 20 years ago.  It was a boxy little station wagon shape with a chiselled nose. They stopped in 2006 and then came back in 2015 with a whole new model that looked more like a modern hatchback. [Read More]

Honda HRV

Honda HRV VTi and VTi-L Review

The compact SUV market has grown rapidly over the last few years and with popularity for these practical vehicles rising, it’s important to look at what every manufacture including the Honda HRV range which offers surprising value and performance. [Read More]