2019 Toyota Granvia VX.
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Toyota Granvia VX Six Seat 2020 Review

Toyota released the Granvia in late 2019 and I have to admit I wasn’t really sure what to make of it. I didn’t go to the launch, one of my compatriots went, and I was in the middle of OzRoamer’s COTY, so it wasn’t really a focus for me. [Read More]

2019 VW Multivan Black edition, Whale Beach, Sydney 28th
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VW T6 Multivan Black Edition 2019 Review

VW Multivan – It’s hard to get a bus too look stylish, but Multivan has that same cool look that 60’s surfers would love. It was fabulous then, and it is fabulous now. Black decals say “Black Edition” loud and proud. It matches the black 18” Springfield alloy wheels. [Read More]