MY22 Kia Cerato - Group Shpt_01

Kia Cerato 2021 model update

Kia Cerato is the biggest selling model for Kia Australia since its launch in 2003 with more than 155,000 sold. Fast forward to 2021 and a refreshed version has just been released with the new badge and branding. [Read More]

2021 VW Transporter6.1 Dual Cab Ute front
Dual Cab Ute Guide

VW Transporter – Dual Cab Transporter Ute

Volkswagen’s transporter ute, single or dual cab, it is not for an active young family.  It is a work-horse It’s for taking people and materials to and from a work site, not for long holiday trips with the kids in their seats, and the surfboards in the tray. [Read More]