Three Blue Crafters for Three Blue Ducks

Volkswagen Australia is proud to announce its partnership with the team of passionate chefs and avid surfers behind Three Blue Ducks; with a fleet of customized Crafter vans heading to Three Blue Ducks restaurants around the country.    [Read More]

2019 Volkswagen Caddy Beach campervan.
Motoring Minute

VW Caddy Beach Radio Review

Most vehicles you can buy have a specific purpose and buyers wont confuse a sports car with a work wagon.  What happens when you have a vehicle with a split personality? Rob Fraser has just driven the VW Caddy Beach and found out. [Read More]

2019 VW Multivan Black edition, Whale Beach, Sydney 28th
Family Car Guide

VW T6 Multivan Black Edition 2019 Review

VW Multivan – It’s hard to get a bus too look stylish, but Multivan has that same cool look that 60’s surfers would love. It was fabulous then, and it is fabulous now. Black decals say “Black Edition” loud and proud. It matches the black 18” Springfield alloy wheels. [Read More]

2019 Volkswagen Caddy Beach campervan.

Volkswagen Caddy Beach Video Review

We give VW’s tiny camper the once over. All of the camping gear can be removed, along with the back seats. Caddy can then be used as a regular van. In camping mode, there is a tent for the rear hatch, and a small table and chairs to use outside. [Read More]

2019 VW Touareg Launch Edition 6 side view
Motoring Minute

2019 VW Touareg Radio Report

VW Touareg was originally launched some 10 years ago and was a little long in the tooth of late lagging the competition. They have just released the third generation Touareg and Rob Fraser went along to the launch. [Read More]