Hyundai i20 Active Review

Hyundai i20 Active Exterior

Whilst I do love my job and being able to drive a flashy new car every week, I do sometimes miss being able to leave all my gadgets and bags in one car as most teenage girls do. However, my wish for a long term car was granted when Hyundai generously offered me an i20 for 2 months!

When I went to pick it up, standing out in the pouring rain was my bright green Hyundai i20 who I have, after much deliberation with my friends, suitably called Tinkerbell. Over the next 8 weeks, Tinkerbell will accompany me on my day to day activities as a teenager and I will truly be able to get a feel of what it’s like for the many thousands of young boys and girls out there who own one or are looking to purchase an i20 as their car.

Hyundai i20 Library

Tinkerbell is the base Active model and has a 1.4L petrol engine and as I mentioned before is a bright green that immediately brightens your day when you jump inside it and turn up the music, even in this miserable weather Sydney has been experiencing. However, that’s enough of the boring facts for now, I will give a proper review of Tinkerbell at the end of her stay with me and my articles over the coming weeks will focus on updates about her adventures.

Tinkerbell School

First few weeks:
1. Tinkerbell has mainly been accompanying me on my daily school trips, TAFE visits and library sessions, where she is well loved by all my friends and certainly stands out in our street car park against the more mono-tone cars. I am able to comfortably pick up another three friends and load all our bags and folders into the boot with plenty of room.
2. She is incredibly effortless to drive with easy steering, handling, progressive breaking and clear visibility through the front windscreen, back window and side mirrors. Tinkerbell however is not a race car and as expected of smaller cars, doesn’t zoom easily off at the lights.
3. iPod connectivity is a must and Tinkerbell blasts my music loudly through AUX input, USB connection, FM/Am radio and CD player. Her audio system also has Bluetooth connectivity which is useful for green p-platers who are able to use handsfree.
4. One of my best friends had her debutant ball and I went with to visit her beforehand. During photograph sessions, Tinkerbell was lucky enough to become the backdrop to some amazing photos for an important memory in a teenagers life.

Hyundai i20 Debutant

As a p-plater, I believe cars are not simply a medium to get from point A to point B but play an important role in our last years of being teenagers and gaining independence and freedom. To me and my friends, car’s are not just transport, but in fact are part of adventures that we will remember forever. Stay tuned to see Tinkerbell’s adventures and visit our facebook page for photographs of her endeavors.

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  1. I am getting my p’s soon and i’m looking to buy a car.
    I love the i20, just gotta convince my parents so hopefully these articles will hepl!

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