Peugeot SUV 2021 Drive Day 2008, 3008 and 5008

WE DRIVE THE PEUGEOT 2008, 3008 AND 5008

Peugeot has released their impressive updated SUV range for 2021 and it includes the all-new 2008, a revised 3008 and 5008.

Peugeot 2008 GT Sport profile

Amongst some of the worst weather Sydney has seen in decades, I had the opportunity to sample some of the variants and despite everything that Mother Nature threw at us, I walked away with the distinct feeling that Peugeot has the vehicles to sit comfortably amongst the premium sector of the SUV market.

They present a stylish alternative for buyers who want something just a little different from the typical premium SUV.

Let’s have a look at the range. Full road test reviews will follow in the weeks ahead as we have the opportunity to drive them in more detail, hopefully on days where the rain isn’t bucketing down.

 All new Peugeot 2008

Peugeot 2008 is one good looking SUV. Its wheel at each corner, bold front grill and sleek lines stand out. Rather than describe it, take a close look at the images, and remember it looks even better in the flesh.

Previewed late in 2020 and now available for sale at dealers the all-new 2008 is a surprising little gem.

It kinda sits in a small subsection of the SUV market, bigger than the smaller SUVs but slightly more compact than the small medium SUVs. It crosses over between them and as such adds appeal for buyers.

Its styling and features are a standout in a segment that includes such vehicles as the Audi Q2, BMW X1, Volvo XC40, and Lexus UX.

Peugeot 2008 GT Sport driving

The all-new 2008 SUV includes the latest-generation of Peugeot’s renowned 3D i-Cockpit® complete with configurable head-up 3D instrument panel display, high definition colour touchscreen and compact multi-function steering wheel.

MirrorScreen® for Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto® connectivity is standard across the range.

The new 3D display projects information in hologram form in the foreground and background. This prioritises information naturally closer to the driver’s eye-line and may help improve reaction time.

Peugeot 2008 SUV features an impressive range of features including Speed Limit Recognition and Recommendation, Driver Attention Warning, Lane Keeping Technologies and Programmable Cruise Control with Speed Limiter, Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) with pedestrian and cyclist detection. GT Sport has the latest third generation AEB with additional capability of night-time (low light) detection.

There are two models the Allure and GT Sport

Peugeot 2008 Allure -EXTERIOR

2008 Allure

This is the entry model for the Peugeot SUV range, but is anything but a poverty pack. Being a premium brand you would expect a level of features and safety and Peugeot provides these.

Allure is powered by a 1.2L three cylinder PureTech 130 engine that develops 96 kilowatts of power at 5,500rpm and 230 Newton metres of torque at 1,750rpm. It drives the front wheels through an ASIN six-speed Efficient Automatic Transmission.

Peugeot 2008 Allure -INTERIOR

The Allure variant features directional LED headlights, 17-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels, gloss black longitudinal roof bars, Peugeot’s 3D i-Cockpit® with 6 configurable 3D instrument panel displays, 7-inch colour touchscreen as well as a modular boot floor which can be positioned at either of two levels.

Peugeot 2008 GT Sport driving

2008 GT Sport

While the GT Sport has a sporty edge it is not a sport SUV in the sense of outright performance.

It does however provide a good level of driver engagement and fun from its 1.2L Three cylinder PureTech 155 engine.

This little power plant delivers 114kW @ 5500rpm and 240Nm @ 1750rpm. Again this is a front wheel drive SUV with a smooth ASIN eight-speed Automatic transmission.

Peugeot 2008 GT Sport interior

Technological features are enhanced on the GT Sport which has as standard a 10-inch touch screen, connected 3D navigation, leather upholstery, 18-inch Onyx Black alloy wheels, Diamond Black roof, premium black interior, eight-colour interior ambient lighting and heated, massage (driver only) front seats.

GT Sport also features adaptive cruise control with complete Stop & Go function, Lane Positioning Assist (lane centering) and Active Blind Spot Monitoring and aluminium pedals.

Peugeot 2008 Range GT Sport + Allure

2008 Pricing

ModelPower & TransmissionPrice
2008 Allure96 kW – 6 speed EAT$ 34,990 MLP*
2008 GT Sport114 kW – 8 speed EAT$ 43,990 MLP*

An electric opening sunroof is optionally available to the GT Sport variant, and a total choice of 7 colours including three special 3 coat / pearlescent paint colours on the range.

*MLP – Manufacturers List Price includes GST and LCT but excluding statutory charges, dealer costs and dealer delivery. See your dealer for RDAP. Does not include price of any options.

2021 Peugeot 3008 GT Sport. (Photo Narrative Post/Matthias Engesser)

Peugeot 3008

This is the mainstream model for the SUV range and comes in three variants, the Allure, GT (both petrol and diesel) and a completely new variant the GT Sport.

Slightly larger than the 2008, the 3008 sits in a very competitive segment with the likes of the Audi Q3, BMW X2, Volvo XC40, Jaguar E-PACE, Lexus NX etc.

There are a couple of things you immediately notice, firstly, again, just how stylish the 3008 is. You can definitely see the familial lines from the 2008, with the wheel at each corner and bold grill and sleek profile.

Many brands either seem to try too hard with angles or are a little bland, but the 3008 seems to get the balance just right.

The second thing you notice is when you drive it. Driver engagement is excellent. It is smooth, quiet, tight and has that premium feel about it.

Especially the Sport model. It’s responsive yet slightly cocooned from road noise and in the case of my drive, the elements. Drenching downpours of rain tend to highlight weaknesses in vehicles and the 3008 simply hummed along without fuss.

2021 Peugeot 3008 GT Sport. (Photo Narrative Post/Matthias Engesser)

Peugeot 3008 GT Sport ‘Black Pack’.

Featured as standard exclusively on the 3008 GT Sport, it comprises blacked-out trim elements and exclusive black 19-inch ‘Washington’ diamond-cut alloy wheels with a unique ‘Black Mist’ finish.

Peugeot 3008 SUV GT Sport also includes Nappa leather upholstery, with heated front seats and 8-way electronic adjustment and massage function for the driver, plus a state-of-the-art 10-speaker, 550-watt audio system as standard from premium French hi-fi provider FOCAL.

2021 Peugeot 3008 GT Sport. (Photo Narrative Post/Matthias Engesser)

Other features.

Inside, the new 3008 SUV features Peugeot’s next-generation digital i-Cockpit® technology with an improved 12.3-inch digital head-up high contrast instrument panel, a compact steering wheel and a larger upgraded, centrally-mounted 10-inch, high-definition, capacitive colour touchscreen for increased functionality.

The new 10-inch touchscreen is underscored by seven elegant piano ‘toggle switches’ giving direct access to the car’s main control functions, including the audio system, navigation, climate controls and vehicle settings.

MY21 Peugeot 3008 SUV also offers buyers the latest driving aids and safety features including Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go and Lane Positioning Assist for GT Diesel and GT Sport as part of the Adaptive Cruise Control system. The latest-generation Automatic Emergency Braking system now features the additional capability of low light pedestrian and cyclist detection.

Full connectivity is assured for new 3008 SUV and 5008 SUV, too, with Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto and MirrorScreen standard across both model ranges. All model variants are now fitted with two rear passenger-accessible USB sockets and, for maximum listening pleasure, a 515-watt, 10-speaker FOCAL® premium audio system is available on 3008 GT Sport and 5008 GT Diesel.

3008 Engine choices

The new 3008 SUV is available with a choice of efficient Euro 6-compliant diesel and petrol engines. Note that there is a PHEV version coming in the second half of 2021 as well. This gives a wide choice of engines and there is an electric version on the horizon.

Allure and GT Petrol: 1.6-litre PureTech 165 turbocharged, developing 121 kWof power at 6,000rpm and 240 Nm of torque at 1,400rpm. It is mated with a six-speed automatic transmission.

GT Sport: 1.6-litre PureTech 180 four-cylinder with stop & start system, developing 133 kW of power at 5500rpm and 250 Nm of torque at 1650rpm. It is mated with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

GT Diesel: 2.0-litre BlueHDi 180 four-cylinder turbo-diesel with high-pressure, common rail direct-injection and stop & start system, developing 131 kW of power at 3750rpm and 400 Nm of torque at 2000rpm. It is mated with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Peugeot’s six or eight-speed Efficient Automatic Transmission (EAT6 / EAT8) feature a drive mode selector, allowing drivers to choose between ‘Normal’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Eco’ modes

2021 Peugeot 5008 GT. (Photo Narrative Post/Matthias Engesser)

Peugeot 5008

PEUGEOT’S 5008 SUV is a market leader in Europe’s SUV segment and with more than 300,000 produced globally since its 2017 launch. And when you drive it you realise that is for good reason. It is impressive and carries the premium styling through.

Inside the 5008 is a very comfortable place indeed.

2021 Peugeot 5008 GT.

Standard equipment includes 18-inch diamond-cut Storm Grey ‘Detroit’ alloy wheels (GT Petrol) or 19-inch Matte Onyx ‘San Francisco’ alloy wheels (GT Diesel), Black Diamond roof, Adaptive Cruise Control, full LED headlamps, Alcantara® and leather-effect upholstery.

Both variants feature leather effect and Alcantara® trim with copper top stitching as standard. Full-grain Nappa leather appointed trim with grey top stitching is optional.

Peugeot 5008 SUV’s 12.3-inch digital display screen can be individually customised to show everything from important vehicle information to navigation directions and the central display can be configured to display the Drive Mode (Normal, Sport or Eco) chosen using the Drive Mode selector on the centre console.

MY21 Peugeot 5008 SUV’s interior features new grey Alcantara® dashboard and door panel trim and Alcantara® with leather effect seat upholstery. 5008 SUV also features an auto-dimming rear-view mirror in a new frameless design.

2021 Peugeot 5008 GT.

Larger than 3008 SUV, it offers increased accommodation with three rows of seats providing comfort for up to seven people in a two-three-two seating configuration in an interior that is comfortable, practical and versatile.

The seven seat capacity places the 5008 in an almost unique category amongst the premium brands. You have to pay a lot more for the same flexibility. The closest that comes to it is the VW Tiguan All Space and that doesn’t have anywhere near the same flexibility.

2021 Peugeot 5008 GT. (Photo Narrative Post/Matthias Engesser)

The 5008 comes with a choice of two engines.

Peugeot’s 1.6-litre PureTech 165 developing 121 kW @ 6000rpm and 240 Nm @ 1400rpm. It is mated with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Peugeot 2.0-litre BlueHDi 180 four-cylinder turbo-diesel with stop & start system, developing 131 kW @ 3750rpm and 400 NM @ 2000rpm. It is mated with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Confusingly the 5008 comes in one variant the GT however the diesel version has a higher specification level than the petrol. This will cause issues for buyers as it doesn’t maintain consistency of branding.

The all new Peugeot 2008, 3008 and 5008 range comes with Peugeot’s five-year, unlimited kilometre warranty, five-year roadside assistance and five-year Service Price Promise program.

2021 Peugeot 5008 GT. (Photo Narrative Post/Matthias Engesser)

Peugeot SUV Range Final thoughts.

With a long and successful history in Australia, Peugeot as a brand has sometimes struggled with the recognition it deserves. However this new range of premium SUVs should go a long way to overcome that.

They offer a surprisingly value based alternative to the premium European brands along with style and individual panache.

They also have a feeling about them, it starts with the look, continues with the comfort of the interior and finishes with the engaging drive. They are quality through and through and definitely worth a look if you are after something just a little different from the usual suspects.

MY21 Peugeot 3008 Range

PRICING 3008 and 5008

GT Petrol$47,990
GT Diesel$50,990
GT Sport$54,990
GT Petrol$51,990
GT Diesel$59,990


3008 Alluren/an/a
3008 GT Petrol$1,990$3,590^
3008 GT Diesel$1,990$3,590^
3008 GT Sport$1,990As standard
5008 GT Petrol$1,990$3,590^
5008 GT Diesel$1,990$2,590^^

^In MY21 Peugeot 3008 GT Petrol, 3008 GT Diesel and 5008 GT Petrol, the leather option pack adds Nappa leather**, heated front seats and electric driver’s seat with multi-point massage function.
^^In MY21 Peugeot 5008 GT Diesel, heated front seats and electric driver’s seat with multi-point massage function are standard. This option adds Nappa leather** only.

*MLP – Manufacturers List Price includes GST and LCT but excluding statutory charges, dealer costs and dealer delivery. See your dealer for RDAP. Does not include price of any options.

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