How Easy is Nissan Navara N-Trek Warrior to Around Town

Is Navara fun to drive out on the open road?

Nissan N-TREK Warrior

Nissan Navara is a favourite with tradies. But what you may not know is that LCV (pickup trucks) are the best-selling vehicles in Australia.


They’re versatile, and fairly economical, and very roomy. They are big, very big, and we love them for it..

Is Navara fun to drive out on the open road?

Nissan Navara is not exactly a sprinter, it is a worker. The deep down oomph is meant tow heavy loads like caravans and trailors

We recently drove Nissan Navara on a mini road trip to our secret farm location. Along with HiLux and a Toyota Troopie, Navara made short work of the sticky mud and deep puddles. A rocky mountain was eaten for breakfast. In Navara, you really do feel like you can go anywhere

Meanwhile, the road trip was smooth and comfortable. In fact, I’d have happily driven much further.

Navara N-TREK Warrior

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Nissan Navara N-TREK Warrior

Is Nissan Navara easy to park?

The N-Trek Warrior is the top Nissan Navara, and comes with a 360 camera along with the more usual reversing camera. Views can be selected, and works with sensors, to allow you to swing into tight spaces with pin point precision. It is so easy, anyone could do it.

The high perch is just the right spot for parking in tricky places.

Navara N-TREK Warrior

What about Nissan Navara Warrior to drive an a city?

Of course, you have to allow a bit of extra room when cornering and darting in and out of traffic, but it is a leisurely affair. There are sturdy bars to warn off marauding P Platers, and belive me, they really do get out of your way.

First gear is fairly low low, which is handy at lights. Ride even on rubbish roads is good, and even load with a load on.

See HERE for the full review and specs.

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