Chrysler 300 SRT8 Core Exterior

Chrysler 300 SRT8 Core Review

For the buyer who craves power, capability and style above all else, Chrysler has your answer – the 300 SRT8 Core. Designed specifically for the Australian market, the SRT8 Core oozes finesse, commands attention and responds willingly to the thrill-seeking driver. [Read More]

2014 Mazda3 SP25 Astina Hatch Exterior

All-new Mazda3 Launch Review

The Mazda3 has long been one of the highest selling cars in Australia. For years Mazda have kept the winning recipe untouched, but 2014 brings the launch of the all new Mazda 3 range. After an extensive pre-launch campaign, the much anticipated Mazda3 will be on sale in dealerships this weekend. [Read More]

Holden Malibu CDX Exterior

Holden Malibu CDX Review

Sitting squarely between the Cruze and the Commodore, the Malibu is Holden’s answer to the ever-growing mid-size car market. Perhaps more attractive to fleet buyers than private, the Malibu boasts an impressive list of features and an attractive price tag. [Read More]

Lexus GS350 Sport Luxury Exterior 1

Lexus GS350 Sport Luxury Review

When it comes to style, performance and reliability you simply cannot ignore Lexus. The GS350 Sports Luxury is no exception. Designed to accommodate those who seek 5-star luxury and the thrill of a powerful engine, the GS350 reaches 100km/h in 6.0 seconds and in ultimate style. [Read More]

Nissan Pulsar Hatch ST-L Exterior

Nissan Pulsar Hatch ST-L CVT Review

Nissan has re-entered the lucrative hatch market with the arrival of the all new Pulsar hatch range. While there are four models in the range, we recently test drove the ST-L, the second in the collection. With an estimated drive-away price of $28,083*, the Pulsar Hatch faces some stiff competition from a densely populated market. [Read More]