Tips for the uber/taxi drivers to stay safe

UberTaxi or uber driving is now one of the most profitable businesses that follows the recent trends. You work as a freelancer, usually using your own car, you choose the working hours within a flexible schedule – the benefits of this kind of work are endless.

However, even though driving a taxi or uber car seems to be an ideal job, it has some downsides and involves certain risks. It happens that the passengers are difficult or even aggressive, you need to drive to remote and not really safe places, and you may work at night. But despite the difficulties, drivers can still enjoy their job if they follow some simple safety guidelines. Below we present some tips on how drivers can protect themselves at work.

Collect the passenger’s data

Thanks to taxi or uber apps, it becomes easier to track and collect the passenger’s personal data. Of course, it’s needed only for safety purposes. If you know the potential passenger’s surname, credit card or telephone number, it’s easier to track them or report to the police if anything unexpected happens. It’s also helpful to have a look at the ratings which other drivers put in the app – low rank may indicate problems. If you work for a company, it may be challenging to choose the clients and locations on your own, but some companies allow you to do so in order to keep safe.

Invest in protection

Protection is a crucial element in the work of a taxi driver. If your company doesn’t provide safety items, ask for them or buy on your own. It can be a screen fitted inside the taxi to separate passengers from the driver or a CCTV camera that records what’s going on inside and outside of the taxi. You can also consider automatic locks in the door. If you fear your car will get broken or damaged, you can rent a car for the work purposes, for example at

Don’t drive sleepy or tired

Working as a taxi or uber driver can be really tiring, especially if you drive long hours. Try to plan your schedule with reason, so that you have a day off after each 12-hour shift. You can also consider working in the mornings, at night or in the evenings – depending on your preferences and the time when you feel energetic. Driving when you’re tired can be extremely dangerous for you and other vehicles on the road.

Stay safe on the road

Even if you’re the craziest and bravest driver in private, remember that driving a taxi or uber is your work, and you should remain calm and reserved there. Keep within the allowed speed; don’t show off with your abilities at the steering wheel. Even if the passenger tells you to hurry, drive at a reasonable speed, and pay attention to the signs and traffic lights on the road. Sometimes even a well-known route can be surprising for a driver.

Think of a taxi insurance

If you’re working for a company that doesn’t provide a taxi driver’s insurance, think of taking out one. It may cost a small monthly fee, but it’s worth spending a few dollars and be sure to get the money in case of an accident. Such insurance usually covers possible injuries or death in accidents, getting injured by aggressive passengers and car damage.

Never share personal details

Being a taxi driver, you shouldn’t share any personal details with passengers, such as your address or the sum you have earned on a particular day. You may become a target for a robbery or abuse. It’s also advisable to keep vague and reserved during conversations with passengers – you never know who’s in your car and if there are possible connections between you, for example, mutual friends. You wouldn’t like your family details to leak out by accident.

Check your car before the shift

Try to have a habit of checking your car before the start of the shift. Make sure if every system and equipment is working properly. Having to repair or leave your car in the middle of a shift may be problematic, especially if you drive at night or have a lot of passengers to drive with.

Being an uber or taxi driver is a profitable job, but it can be risky. It’s definitely not a good option for nonchalant people who cannot take good care of the car and their own safety. However, it’s possible to make the work comfortable and safe by following some of the mentioned guidelines.

If you invest in adequate protection, such as a camera or a professional separating screen, you can feel comfortable on the shifts. Pay attention to the road and take good control of the car at all time. Don’t let yourself drive sleepy or tired. Finally, check the technical things in the car every time you start the shift. With a little effort and reason, your every ride is going to be a pleasure, and your passenger will surely appreciate it! 😉