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Kia Cerato Hatch SLi Exterior

A few days ago I had to finally give back my beloved Ruby, the long term Kia Cerato Hatch. Needless to say, I gave it back under protest because I had fallen in love with this car. When I run out of cars to test drive and eventually have to buy my own, the Cerato Hatch will be my purchase, without a doubt. Over the time Ruby spent with us, she did close on 2000 km without a single hiccup and before we sent her back, she paid a visit to the car wash so she was nice and clean. Now for those who are looking to buy a new car, I urge you to consider this little gem from Kia. The Cerato is perfect for males and females from teenagers to single adults with plenty of room to grow and expand as your life changes.

Kia Cerato Hatch SLi Car Wash

The Cerato Hatch is a very attractive looking car with sleek lines, 17 inch alloy wheels, chrome radiator grille, chrome rear muffler, rear spoiler and comes in 8 different colours. Once inside it is clear to see the Cerato Hatch is deceptively roomy for a small vehicle and can comfortably fit 5 people. Storage is optimal with a roomy glovebox, reasonable center console and by far the biggest and most user friendly boot I have seen on a small vehicle. For me, this is an absolute selling point for this car and provides the option of long trips away – utilising the boot space and low fuel economy.

Kia Cerato Hatch SLi Basketball

The Kia Cerato Hatch SLi has a 2.0L petrol engine that produces 115kW of power @ 6,200 rpm and 194Nm of torque @ 4,300 rpm. Ruby was fitted with a 6 speed automatic (sportsmatic) gear box that provided a smooth and responsive drive. As already discussed in previous articles, the Cerato Hatch averaged around 10-11L/100 km on daily around town driving however when you take it for a cruise up to the central coast on the freeway, it only used just below 7L/100 km and sat comfortably and effortlessly on cruise control the entire way.

Kia Cerato Hatch SLi Front Seat

While sitting in the cloth 6 way adjustable drivers seat, it is very easy to find a comfortable driving position, assisted by the use of a tilt and telescopic adjustable steering wheel. The steering wheel houses cruise control and stereo controls at reach of your thumbs for convenience. All the information you need is clearly displayed in the dash and for the sporty, paddle shifters are fitted on the side of the steering wheel. The driver has a foot rest and alloy pedals for a comfortable drive.

Kia Cerato Hatch SLi Exterior Rear

The audio system boasts CD with MP3 compatibility, AM/FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity and AUX and UBS connections for your iPod. However, over the course of Ruby’s stay with me, I was unable to get the USB connection to work – this may be due to my connection cord but it was rather annoying. The SLi is the only model of the Cerato Hatch range that has climate control air-conditioning which provides controlled and instant cooling and heating.

Kia Cerato Hatch SLi Rear Seats

Security in the Cerato Hatch is all the same with a battery saver, anit-theft immobiliser and remote central locking with keyless entry. Previously I wrote an article detailing the safety of the Kia Cerato Hatch which shyly missed out on a 5 star ANCAP rating. It boasts ABS with EBD and BA, ESC with TCS, front, side and curtain airbags, active headrests, fog lights, rear park assists, impact sensing auto door unlocking, speed sensing auto door lock, side door impact beams and front seatbelt pre-tensioners. Basically all this means that the Kia Cerato Hatch is a very safe car to drive and a much better choice for safety in the case of an accident compared to many of the old second hand cars p-platers drive these days.

Kia Cerato Hatch SLi Chloe Fraser

Now it is no secret that I love the Kia Cerato Hatch and I am sure that if you pop down to your local Kia dealer and take one for a test drive, you will too. At $25,990 drive away it is incredibly reasonably priced. The Kia Cerato Hatch ticks all the boxes with looks, fuel economy, safety, driving with ease, music and boot storage for trips away with friends. I strongly urge any young or single person looking to buy a car to consider the Kia Cerato Hatch and I promise you will not be disappointed. Five out of five. Thank you Kia for lending me Ruby for the past two months, she has been a pleasure to drive!

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