Hyundai i40 Touring Wagon – Review

Hyundai i40 Touring Wagon 600
First impressions of this car for me were WOW .Had the i40 not had the distinctive H on the front and the recognizable hexagonal grille I may have confused it with a popular European branded car.

The i40 is designed by and international team of stylists at Hyundai’s Design Centre in Rüsselsheim Germany .We had a chance to meet Hyundai’s Chief Designer Thomas Bürkle from the team at the launch of the Hyundai i40 Tourer and to say he had passion for this latest release from the stables of Hyundai’s would be an understatement .Thomas talked us through the design concept of the i40 ,stepping us through the stages of its development using catchy terms such as “organically flowing exterior” ,”fluidic sculpture”,” harmonious lines inspired by nature” and although these terms may sound odd take a close look at the front of i40s headlights and there is a distinctive look of eagle-eye head lamps looking straight at you ,which sits well with the entire look of the i40 as it almost has the look of a vehicle flexing ready to pounce .

Hyundai i40 Touring Wagon 2 600<

To further emphasise Hyundai’s summary of their latest design I have borrowed a quote from them.

“ The i40 Tourer continues the evolution of Hyundai’s ‘fluidic sculpture’ design language. Inspired by nature’s matchless aesthetics, the i40 Tourer presents the perfect harmony of nature, man and machine.

But the i40 Tourer also marries form with substance. Beneath its alluring exterior are a wealth of high-tech features that substantially enhance safety, comfort and convenience”.

The i40 is aimed at the mid sized car market / family market. The wagon ticks all the boxes and has plenty of style and elegance .It is an ideal vehicle to run around town during the week dropping off and picking up kids, throw the groceries for the week in the back or for a month, it has an incredible 553 ltr boot space and 1672 ltr space when the rear seats are folded down .Then come the weekend you can load it up for a getaway .The fuel economy is incredible. With the two litre petrol you can get 6.8 to 7.7 ltrs per 100 kms and with the diesel a staggering 4.7ltrs per 100 km .Now with a 70 litre tank that could get you an amazing 1500 km .

Hyundai i40 Touring Wagon interior 600

Some features of the i40 are the VMS (Vehicle Stability Movement).HALO, Hyundai Active Locking Operation. STATIC BEND which are the LEDs incorporated in the headlight. AFLS (Adaptive HID Headlights which by the way turn into the corner as you steer). BRAKE LIGHT FLASH ( this is where under heaving breaking the tail lights flash so as to warn drivers behind that you are breaking heavily. There is a Whiplash Head Rest so in the event of an accident this cushions you in the event to reduce the possibility of whiplash . REVERSE CAMERA incorporated in the rear view mirror. BLUE TOOTH compatibility. Motor driven power steering. Cruise Control with Speed Limiter’s .Full-size spare ….the list goes on .

Hyundai have given us a choice of three variants with either a petrol or a diesel with manual or auto.

The entry level is the Active which is a stand out vehicle alone, available in petrol and diesel, 16” Alloy wheels, 9 airbags and truly a pleasure to drive. Next is the Elite. 17 “Alloys with more features than the Active and thirdly the Premium, 18 “alloys, available in auto only, an incredible array of features and an amazing full length glass sunroof.

All vehicles have had the suspension fine tuned for our Australian conditions .My personal preference is the i40Active in the diesel with an automatic ,the ride was superb and of course being diesel and with the figures quoted on economy distance is not a problem.

Hyundai i40 Touring Wagon ipod 600

Pricing for the range is very reasonable and I think it’s fair to say with the current availability of vehicles across the board all the car manufactures at the top of the list had better be very wary. Hyundai is breathing down their necks and is fast approaching .The i40 is definitely going to make them sweat a little. No their sweating now .

Active 2.0 GDI $32,490

Active 2.0 GDI (a) $34,490

Active 1.7 CRDi $34,490

Active 1.7 CRDi (a) $36,490

Elite 2.0 GDI (a) $39,490

Elite 1.7 CRDi (a) $41,490

Premium 2.0 GDI (a) $44,490

Premium 1.7 CRDi (a) $46,490

Hyundai have taken a stand with the introduction of this latest piece of Korean /European partnership .Reliability and quality are priority .If you are in the market for a well priced reliable vehicle with European styling 5 Year warranty with Road Service then I strongly suggest you take a serious look at the current Hyundai i40 .You won’t be disappointed .

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  1. The new Hyundai i40 looks awesome, a sedan with a fludic design, its ready to seal the show. The car enthusiasts belonging to a higher class would love to have a car like this.

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