7 Reasons Why You Should Regularly Service Your Car

Staying on top of your car’s maintenance service is crucial to keeping your vehicle running well. However, time and again, these maintenance services usually get the backseat.

2021 Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series V6 twin turbo diesel engine.

As we get older, we become busier and less likely to take our vehicles to the automotive repair shop when nothing seems wrong. 

Every good car owner knows that getting frequent auto maintenance services is the greatest thing they can do for their car. Maintenance services cost much less and take less time than a major car repair service. Below are reasons why you should take your car for regular maintenance services. 

1. For Your Safety

Frequent auto services will ensure that all essential parts are appropriately checked, including the most critical components that keep you safe, like the suspension and braking system. 

This will give you and your loved ones peace of mind that your safety in the car is assured since the automobile will be in a roadworthy state, and if the worst occurs, the crucial car parts won’t fail. 

If your car feels alright, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s in good working condition. Frequent auto service will ensure you’re not hushed into a false sense of security and safety in your vehicle. 

2. Saves You Cash on Minor Faults

This is the most significant advantage of regular auto services. By taking your car for regular maintenance, your mechanic can catch minor issues fast before they cause more damage to other car parts resulting in more expensive work on the vehicle. The sooner your mechanic identifies a problem, the sooner he can fix it, and the less cash it’ll cost you. 

3. To Increase its Longevity

Regularly servicing your car will increase its lifespan. It’s similar to our bodies; the better you treat your body, the healthier you’ll be and the longer you’ll live a healthy life. Just as we go for regular check-ups, our cars also need regular servicing. 

Everybody wants a vehicle they can keep for an extended period. Regular auto servicing is essential and will enable you to enjoy several happy years of hitch-free driving in the same vehicle if you wish to. 

Ensure you find an experienced mechanic to handle the auto service work. Online platforms like Enji give you access to licensed mechanics in your area who offer excellent car services. 

4. Keeps the Engine in Good Shape

Manufacturers design cars in a manner that requires maintenance to keep them functioning well. You should change your filters and oil regularly to prevent dust or dirt from entering the engine’s oily bits and causing significant problems. Regular car maintenance will also extend the engine’s longevity and the car’s general lifespan.

An engine that has not been serviced will take up more fuel than a properly maintained one, meaning more trips to the pumps. 

A general rule of thumb is that the car’s oil should be golden brown, so if it is a thick black, then you should get it changed. This is less of a problem for diesel vehicles because of the soot, so there is no need to worry in such a case. 

5. Maintaining Car Value

A car is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll ever make. Therefore, you should protect this investment by keeping your vehicle in proper condition. You also need to keep the oily bits in good shape, and you can achieve this by servicing your car regularly. 

Your car will be worth more when you sell it if it has full service history from a franchised dealership. Suppose the vehicle is written off in an accident; the insurance firm might pay out a lower than anticipated sum because they will claim the vehicle’s value is less without a good service history. 

Regarding purchasing vehicles, the secondhand automobile market is usually competitive, with purchasers expecting more for their cash. In these markets, vehicles with proof of regular servicing can stick out from the crowd. 

A vehicle with a full-service history is likely to captivate more prospective purchasers and a higher selling price — this means a better resale than a vehicle without a service history. 

6. Preserves the Manufacturer’s Warranty

An important reason for regular auto maintenance service by a licensed mechanic is that the manufacturer needs this in line with their vehicle maintenance guidelines. 

If you fail to comply, your warranty may be invalidated, causing you to use your funds for repairs the manufacturer would have covered. Therefore, you should be up to speed when your car is due for servicing. 

7. Reduces Pollution 

A car can adversely affect the environment. Improperly maintained cars blow out harmful emissions that can harm the environment. Your engine reduces pollution when it runs at peak efficiency. Check your car’s health.  

Wrap Up 

A frequently serviced car is worth more cash, maximises efficiency, and is generally safer. Therefore, you should try your best to take your car for servicing annually. 

Remember that inspection of newer vehicles differs based on the owner’s manual, so ensure you’re familiar with the manufacturer’s recommendations. At your next car service, do well to ask the mechanic what they’ll be doing and why.