Twizy Way By Renault

Twizy Way By Renault Shared Electric Mobility Service
Renault is preparing a full-scale test of an innovative sustainable mobility service accessible to all: Twizy Way by Renault. Starting on 21st June, Renault Twizy will provide an all-new car-sharing solution within the urban community of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (France).

An innovative, simple and practical service
A complementary solution to public transport, Twizy Way by Renault is a simple, eco-friendly, practical and completely novel car-sharing service that provides a new way to get around town.

Twizy Way by Renault offers complete freedom: users take the closest Twizy to their home, use it for as long as they need and park it on any car park located within the test area.

They can instantly find out where the nearest available Renault Twizy is parked in real-time using a smartphone application or the web. Using a Renault Twizy could not be simpler.

Users can scan the QR code* on the vehicle if they have no reservation, or reserve their desired Twizy via the web, hotline or smartphone. With Twizy Way by Renault, anything is possible and everything simple.

100% Electric, Renault Twizy is a playful vehicle particularly suited to the new urban motilities, with an easy handling and a minimum dimensions. The road behaviour of Renault Twizy is very reassuring with its four wheels equipped with disk brakes. The passive safety is not in rest with a conductive airbag and safety belts 4 points in front and 3 points behind.

With Twizy Way by Renault, Renault confirms its status as an innovative manufacturer by launching a new, practical, eco-friendly, alternative urban mobility solution intended to appeal to the mass market.

* Printed on a label, the QR Code is a 2 dimensions bar code which may be deciphered from a mobile phone equipped with a camera. It sends back towards a dedicated Web application.

Twizy Way By Renault Shared Electric Mobility Service

A full-scale test
The Twizy Way by Renault experiment is set to begin on 21st June 2012 In partnership with the urban community of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (CASQY). To start with and until the end of September, Renault will offer some 200 testers the chance to try out this unprecedented service.

The fleet of 50 Renault Twizys will be distributed over a pilot area covering around 27km2. There are no fixed stations: the users will take the vehicles wherever they find them and leave them in any car park within the test area.

Twizy Way by Renault is a private service in the public interest: its operation (maintenance, recharging of vehicles, etc.) will be managed by Renault. The municipalities of the pilot area (Montigny-le-Bretonneux, Guyancourt, Voisins-le-Bretonneux, a part of Trappes) grant the authorizations for using the public domain and, with CASQY, participate in the promotion of the service.

“With this practical test, Renault wishes to confirm that Twizy is particularly well-suited to car-sharing schemes and verify the logistics required to offer this self-service solution”, says Thierry Viadieu, Director of Renault’s New Mobility Programme.

This service is scheduled to be opened to the public at the end of September 2012.

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