Tesla Model S P100D Electric Car Video Review

Tesla_Model_S_P100D_The Model S has “Ludicrous” Mode. It gets you to 100kph in around 2.7 seconds.

Alan Zurvas has a full wrtiien review of the Tesla Model S HERE

While you let that sink in, it will come as no surprise that power and torque figures are also hard to believe. Up to 581kW, and 1,250Nm makes a mockery of the posh Euro-Barges.

Suffice to say you’re going to need many more shekels to go any faster without leaving the ground. Only hyper-cars are faster, just, but none are anywhere near as comfortable.

Meanwhile, this unassuming Execu-hatch follows in the great traditions of my favourite 1970s masterpiece, the Rover SD1.

The drive is nothing short of spectacular. They’ve only gone and built a hyper-car inside an execu-hatch.

You’d expect the ride to be abominable because of the massive wheels, but not a bit of it. The cabin is serene from start to end, regardless of speed. And, oh what speed!

Once the car senses the key secreted about the driver’s person, it awakens. It is then ready to go, and all the driver has to do is select the direction. With the foot on the brake, the column-mounted gear selector can be pulled down in to Drive. The only sound is the movement of the air through the vents.

There is no handbrake handle. There isn’t even a handbrake button. Putting the Tesla in Park by pressing the button on the end of the gear stalk, will activate the parking system.

Once in “D”, you press the accelerator very, very, gently, and off you go. Do not, under any circumstances, mash the peddle to the floor unless you’re ready for all hell to break loose.

Like all electric cars, the neck-snapping torque is always available.

There is no gearbox as such, and the motor only has one moving part. The air suspension doesn’t have shock absorbers so unless something breaks, there is no need to service your car. Tesla charges around $600 for an inspection if needed.

You quickly notice the steering has very little road feel. It doesn’t take long to become accustomed to it, but it is never an issue, and I grew to love it.

The cloud-like ride has several levels, and is height adjustable. It doesn’t make a huge to the handling, which is sensational regardless of setting.