2018 Toyota Fortuner Crusade COTY 6
Motoring Minute

Toyota Fortuner Crusade Radio Review

The Toyota Fortuner Crusade at touch over $67,000 is a great alternative to the larger more expensive 4WD’s and delivers the compliant ride, a spacious interior, convenient features and premium quality expected in a modern SUV. [Read More]

Nissan Patrol Ti-L
4WD & SUV Guide

Nissan Patrol TI-L 5.6L V8 4WD Review 2019

For many years the Patrol languished in the wilderness of buyer support. The refreshed version released in 2017 has brought it back up to date. It remains an exceptionally capable 4WD vehicle and can tow almost anything you put behind it. [Read More]

Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series Sahara
4WD & SUV Guide

2019 Toyota LandCruiser 200 VX 4WD Review

LandCruiser is fit for a family. At a pinch, it will do the “people mover” role nicely. Off-road credentials are borne out by the fact that businesses wanting something super tough for mine, or construction sites will choose LandCruiser. [Read More]