BMW ALPINA B3 Saloon AWD and Touring AWD


It is the beginning of a new era, that of the new BMW ALPINA B3. The latest model generation convinces on every road, in every corner, and in any driving situation with exciting dynamics, precision handling and a superior driving experience.

Advancements in suspension and chassis technology in combination with state-of-the-art engine and transmission technology translate into driving performance on a whole new level.


BMW ALPINA B3 design language

The new model’s avant-garde character is reflected in a progressive design language with sharp lines – both inside and out. Elegant ALPINA CLASSIC 20“‚ forged wheels, a stainless steel exhaust system featuring two twin tailpipes, and ALPINA aerodynamic elements lend the BMW ALPINA B3 its distinctive, powerful yet unobtrusive appearance.

State-of-the-art infotainment and advanced driver-assistance systems, which are included on board as standard, together with the latest innovations in connectivity, enable highly sophisticated driver-vehicle interaction.

The interior, on the whole, is characterised by detailed craftsmanship and finest materials. Typical ALPINA design elements add an elegant and exclusive touch to the interior. The newly designed interactive display set-up which combines the central control display and the full-colour ALPINA digital instrument cluster scores highly with its clear design language and typical BMW driver orientation.



The latest generation petrol direct-injection straight-six 3.0 litre engine with re-engineered Bi-Turbo charging and a performance-optimised cooling system delivers thrilling power and performance. The maximum torque of 700 Nm is already available from 3,000 rpm which combined with 340 kW (462 hp) of output provides impressive driving performance.

With a top speed of 303 km/h (Saloon) respectively 300 km/h (Touring), the new BMW ALPINA B3 is one of the fastest of its kind. Accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h takes just 3.8 seconds (Touring 3.9 seconds).

The Launch Control function, allowing the driver to accelerate with optimum traction and maximum dynamics from a standstill, has been designed for the first time for a sprint from 0 to 200 km/h, which is completed in 13.4 seconds (Touring 13.9 seconds).

Further developed in cooperation with ZF, the advanced 8-Speed Sport-Automatic Transmission translates driver commands both tactfully and dynamically.

The BMW xDrive based intelligent all-wheel drive system fully variably distributes torque as required between the front and rear wheels. Maximum traction for dynamic cornering is ensured by the electronically controlled rear axle limited-slip differential.


Depending on what the Driving Experience Control is set to (COMFORT+, COMFORT, SPORT, SPORT+), the ALPINA specific, situational traction-optimised adjustment of the torque distribution is predominantly rear-biased.

The enhanced variable sports steering system supports directional stability, agility when cornering, and comfortable manoeuvring.

For the first time the driver can choose from three steering modes: COMFORT, SPORT and SPORT+. While in COMFORT mode the focus is on smooth directional stability with a high sense of safety even at high speeds, while the SPORT modes aim to maximise responsiveness and precision.

The new generation BMW ALPINA B3 brings along a host of advances in suspension and chassis technology which ensure superior road holding, balanced handling and pronounced agility. This development is aided by the extended wheelbase, an increased track width and higher chassis and suspension rigidity versus the previous generation in addition to -1° camber at the front axle.


BMW ALPINA B3 Driver Ergonomics

The in-house ALPINA leather workshop offers customers almost unlimited possibilities to create their own interior compositions: piping, stitching, embroidery and embossing, made to customer specifications, add a personal touch to the ALPINA interior design. The untreated LAVALINA leather extends the BMW equipment range with the highest quality natural material used in the automotive industry. Connoisseurs particularly value the comfort and climate properties of this special leather.


Digital services and advanced driver-assistance systems, such as Parking Assistant or Active Guard Plus, are on board as standard.

The optionally available Driving Assistant Professional offers a high degree of active safety with its comprehensive package of innovative assistance systems. The leading BMW navigation, communication and infotainment systems are included in the standard equipment and clearly demonstrate that the new BMW ALPINA B3 is also state-of-the-art in terms of digital services.


The driver-oriented cockpit design, with its control elements optimally arranged in terms of ergonomics, offers a convincing user experience, with intuitive operation via touch display, direct selection buttons or iDrive Controller, voice or gesture control. The full-colour digital instrument display in the new ALPINA design, offering advanced configuration options and customisable views, forms part of the large display combination.


BMW ALPINA B3 in Australia

From an ALPINA Australia perspective, and off the back of confirmation for B3 Touring, the importers are also interested in bringing the Sedan variant to Australia in late-2020, however they will confirm the lineup as well as pricing and specification at a later date.


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