Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series Sahara
4WD & SUV Guide

2019 Toyota LandCruiser 200 VX 4WD Review

LandCruiser is fit for a family. At a pinch, it will do the “people mover” role nicely. Off-road credentials are borne out by the fact that businesses wanting something super tough for mine, or construction sites will choose LandCruiser. [Read More]

2018 Toyota HiLux Rugged X
4WD Dual Cab Ute Guide

Toyota HiLux Rugged X Radio Segment April 11

Toyota HiLux Rugged X Overview In the continual surge of Utes trending upmarket, Toyota has introduced the HiLux Rugged X as the top model in the range. The question is how it compares to others in that segment. Rob Fraser from UteGuide takes up the story. [Read More]

2017 Toyota Camry Ascent Sport hybrid

2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid- Why the Hybrid is so good

Regular readers of my diatribes will know of my indifference towards electric and Hybrid vehicles. Passing fads I said, no better than good diesels I said, can’t understand why someone would pay more for them I said. There have been more unflattering appraisals as well. [Read More]