014 Holden VF SSV Redline Sedan 1

2014 Holden VF SSV Redline Sedan Review

The Holden VF SSV Redline is without doubt the best luxury performance sedan that Holden has ever built. It has to be considered the performance bargain of the year. It has performance that belittles many a hot hatch at less price and blows away almost all the competition from Ford and HSV. [Read More]

2013 Audi A4 Sport Edition

2013 Audi A4 and A5 Sport Editions

Audi Australia has announced the arrival of two special limited edition models. The dynamic A4 and A5 Sport Editions offer discerning buyers special value, including larger alloys wheels, sporty touches inside and out, along with an impressive list of additional features. [Read More]


The New BMW M5 launch

The new BMW M5 will be reaching our shores from mid-September much to the delight of high-performance motoring enthusiasts. However, coinciding with the update is a comprehensive re-packaging of the BMW M5 which aligns the high performance sedan with changes already announced for the rest of the BMW 5 Series range. [Read More]