2019 -Toyota -Granvia - and - VX (3)

Toyota Granvia 2021 Review

Family people movers like Granvia are a very specific ask, and not for everyone. Tarago was the choice of families world-wide, why transform Hiace into a people mover when there are Hiace models with seats. [Read More]

BMW 750Li

BMW 750Li Review

BMW 750Li is a luxurious limousine that provides the buyer no expense spared features. At first sight, the biggest BMW looks imposing. The craftsmanship exudes an almost hand built quality, and a raft of inclusions make anyone feel like royalty. [Read More]

Audi A8 L Extended

Audi A8 L extended Exclusive Audi

Audi A8 L extended is a one off design for a customer. Experts invested almost a year in developing and building the exceptionally long luxury sedan. The result was an exclusive one-off specimen that meets the high standards of the production model in every domain. [Read More]