Lexus NX NX450h + F Sport Auto eFour 2022 Review

Lexus NX 450h PHEV is it any good

NX 450h + – Last week I drove the all new Lexus NX450h+ SUV. This is the pinnacle of the NX range and adds to the other three models.  

2022 Lexus NX 450h + front qtr As a Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) SUV the 450 brings the best of all worlds, especially with the electronic AWD capability. This means up to a bit over 80km in fully electric mode, and a very economical hybrid back up mode.

The beauty of the PHEV is that most daily trips around the city are often less than the 80km, so it’s possible to drive for the majority of the time on electric mode alone. Plugging in nightly though may prove a problem for some people.


The backup hybrid removes any range anxiety and allows for longer trips without worry. The F Sport is smooth, quiet and comfortable to drive and I would guess most buyers would be a couple so its big enough.

2022 Lexus NX 450h + screen

As it’s an F Sport, it is full of little styling, comfort and luxury features that buyers want. That’s a good thing because at nearly $90,000 plus the usual costs it’s expensive.

Lexus is definitely making the most of its hybrid engines and the PHEV adds another benefit to the range.

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  • Economy and Hybrid drive
  • Well equipped
  • Quiet and comfortable

2022 Lexus NX 450h + engine


Lexus NX 450h + F Sport PHEV

Model Price $88,323 MLP*
Engine 2.5L Aspirated with Plug in Hybrid Electric
Drivetrain Electric AWD 1 Sp CVT
Power 136kW @ 6000rpm / 40kW/270Nm rear
Torque 227Nm @ 3200-3700rpm
Electric Power 134kW/270Nm front, 40kW/270Nm rear
Safety 5 Star ANCAP (Tested Jan 2022)
CO2 Emissions 29 g/km
Economy ADR/ Capacity 1.3L/100km / 55L / 81km on EV alone / 4.5L/100k on test
0-100kmh/Top Speed 6.3 secs / N/A
Servicing 12 Mths / 15,000km Service plans
Warranty 5yr/ Unlimited km with 1 Yr. conditional roadside assist

*MLP – Manufacturers List Price includes GST and LCT but excluding statutory charges, dealer costs and dealer delivery. See your dealer for RDAP. Does not include price of any options.

2022 Lexus NX 450h + F Sport PHEV interior

Overall Rating  NX 450h +


Behind the Wheel 9
Comfort 9
Equipment 9
Performance 8
Ride and Handling 8
Practicality 8
Fit for Purpose 9
Styling / design 8
Technology / Connectivity 8
Value for Money 7

2022 Lexus NX 450h + F Sport PHEV boot


Overall Length / Wheelbase 4660mm / 2690mm
Width / Height / Turning Circle 1865mm / 1670mm / 11.6mts KTK
Unladen ground clearance / wading depth Up to 190 mm / TBC
Approach / RO / Departure 16 / TBC / 25 degrees
Boot Space Min / Max L 520L / 1141L
Kerb Weight / Payload / GVM / GCM 2050 / 490/ 2540 / 3540
Towing Capacity / Tow Ball rating 1500kg / 100kg

2022 Lexus NX 450h + F Sport PHEV rear

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2022 Lexus NX 450h + F Sport PHEV Profile

Lexus NX 450h+ Product Details

NX 450h+ Highlights

  • NX 450h+ plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) flagship all-new Lexus NX,
  • PHEV delivers a class-leading 87km of electric driving range
  • NX 450h+ will complement the hybrid-electric NX 350h

2022 Lexus NX 450h + drivetrain and chassis

Lexus NX 450h+ engine and drivetrain

Headlining the advanced NX 450h+ powertrain is an electric motor mounted on the front axle and delivering 134kW of power and 270Nm of torque, supported by a second electric motor on the rear axle delivering a further 40kW/121Nm.

An 18.1kWh lithium-ion battery package enables the Lexus NX 450h+ to drive purely on electricity and with zero tailpipe emissions for up to 87km1.

The significant power and torque generated by the pair of electric motors is further supported by a 136kW/227Nm 2.5-litre petrol engine to enable a total 227kW and high performance characteristics with instant response.

When utilising the renowned Lexus hybrid-electric system, the NX 450h+ can deliver ADR 1.3 litres per 100 kilometres and emit only 29 grams of CO2 per kilometre.

Drivers are able to choose from multiple hybrid and EV driving modes that best suit the driving conditions.

2022 Lexus NX 450h + charger

Lexus NX450h+ drive experience

EV Priority mode ensures the electric motors will power the NX 450h+ even when the accelerator is fully pressed, continuing to operate solely on electric power for a maximum amount of time.

In Auto EV/HV mode, the petrol engine will only activate when the accelerator is fully pressed or in situations that require brisk acceleration, for example during high-speed overtaking.

In HV mode, the powertrain emulates the balanced performance of the renowned hybrid-electric Lexus systems, maintaining a level of battery charge by starting and stopping the petrol engine as required.

Battery Charging mode engages the petrol engine to help recover charge if it drops below the level required for EV-only driving, for maximum driving flexibility and assistance in ensuring situations such as city driving can then utilise electric power.

Drivers will also be able to choose from performance-oriented drive modes that control the powertrain, transmission, suspension and vehicle stability control to best suit particular roads and a driver’s preferred driving style.

The Lexus NX 450h+ even further leverages the Lexus Driving Signature by enhancing the highly rigid and dynamic Global Architecture-K (GA-K) platform, complete with E-Four all-wheel-drive including variable torque distribution.

Using a range of sensors measuring G forces, yaw rate, speed and steering angle, the E-Four system can split the front-to-rear torque distribution in ratios between 100:0 and 20:80.

Combined with the standard Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) incorporating a firmer Sport S+ damping mode, the NX 450h+ provides a balance of ride comfort and refinement matched with direct steering and agile handling.

2022 Lexus NX 450h + screen

NX 450h+ Features

The F Sport also provides the most dynamic focus on the Lexus Driving Signature with the standard fitment of Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS), five-stage drive mode select and performance dampers (bracing) front and rear.

NX AWD models (NX 350 F Sport, NX 350h F Sport, NX 350h Sports Luxury) are offered with two $3,000-optional Enhancement Pack additions.

First – Enhancement Pack 1 includes a panoramic moonroof – the first time a panoramic moonroof has been offered on a Lexus NX.

Second-Enhancement Pack 2 for the NX 350 F Sport and NX 350h F Sport AWD adds a heated steering wheel, a digital rear-view mirror, a 17-speaker Mark Levinson®11 audio system and Intelligent Parking Assist (NX 350h only) – the first time automatic reverse parallel and perpendicular parking has been offered on a Lexus NX.

Third – Enhancement Pack 2 for the NX 350h Sports Luxury AWD includes heated steering wheel and rear outboard seats, power-operated folding rear seats and Intelligent Parking Assist.

NX 350 – NX 450

Lexus has also ensured that the step from the flagship NX 350h AWD with Enhancement Pack 2 to the debut Lexus PHEV, the NX 450h+, is just $6,000.

Reflecting a high-output step-up from the NX 350, the NX 450h+ is also available exclusively as an F Sport AWD grade, reflecting its status as the high-performance, low-emissions flagship model with 0-100km/h acceleration in 6.3 seconds.

Priced from $89,900MLP* , the NX 450h+ F Sport further combines the highest EV-only driving range in the luxury medium SUV segment with benchmark pricing attainability to reinforce the Lexus leadership in electrification.

The NX 450h+ F Sport uniquely merges luxury equipment from standard NX F Sport grades, while adding features as standard including a moonroof, heated steering wheel and a digital rear-view mirror.

The NX 450h+ develops a combined 227kW, with the E-Four all-wheel-drive system powering permanent magnet synchronous motors on the front and rear wheels, and the 18.1kWh battery provides an all-electric driving range of up to 87km.

2022 Lexus NX 450h + F Sport PHEV rear 2

Lexus NX Model Walk and Pricing

2022 Lexus NX pricing

Grade  Price MLP*
1 – NX 250 Luxury
2 – NX 250 Luxury with Enhancement Pack
3 – NX 350h Luxury 2WD
4 – NX 350h Luxury AWD
5 – NX 350h Luxury with Enhancement Pack AWD / NX 350h Sports Luxury 2WD
6 – NX 350h Sports Luxury AWD
7 – NX 350h Sports Luxury with Enhancement Pack 1 AWD
8 – NX 350h Sports Luxury with Enhancement Pack 2 AWD / NX 350h F Sport 2WD
9 – NX 350 / NX 350h F Sport AWD
10 – NX 350 / NX 350h F Sport with Enhancement Pack 1 AWD
11 – NX 350 / NX 350h F Sport with Enhancement Pack 2 AWD
12 – NX 450h+ F Sport AWD
$73,400 / $73,100
$83,900 / $73,100

2022 Lexus NX 450h + F Sport PHEV rear seats

NX 450h+ F Sport highlights

  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle system (new to NX)
  • Maximum Combined Power of 227kW
  • Electric-only driving range of 87km
  • Combined cycle fuel consumption from 1.3 litres per 100 kilometres
  • 0-100km/h acceleration in 6.3 seconds
  • 8.3/10
    Rating - 8.3/10


NX 450h + – Last week I drove the all new Lexus NX450h+ SUV. This is the pinnacle of the NX range and adds to the other three models.

As it’s an F Sport, it is full of little styling, comfort and luxury features that buyers want. That’s a good thing because at nearly $90,000 plus the usual costs it’s expensive.

Lexus is definitely making the most of its hybrid engines and the PHEV adds another benefit to the range.

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