Kia Sorento PHEV AWD SUV 2021 Review

We drive the Sorento PHEV on a Road Test Review

Sorento PHEV – When it comes to family sized SUVs the Kia Sorento is amongst the best and now comes in a choice of petrol, diesel and the one I am driving this week a Plug in Hybrid Electric version.

Kia Sorento PHEVBased on the luxurious GT Line the PHEV is the first electrified model in the Sorento line-up with its powertrain combining a turbocharged petrol engine with a battery pack and electric motor.


Kia Sorento PHEV engine

With a fully charged battery pack, you can drive up to 68 kilometres on electric power alone. This means that if I plugged the Sorento in each night I could pretty much drive around every day without using petrol. That’s pretty cool.

Kia Sorento PHEV

The real benefit of a PHEV is that you get the daily savings of all electric power but can still take longer trips without having to think about it too much as you can simply fill up at a petrol station, but still get the excellent economy of the Hybrid power.

The latest Sorento models offer enhanced all-terrain capability thanks to a new Terrain Mode where drivers can choose from ‘Mud’, ‘Snow’ and ‘Sand’ modes.

Kia Sorento PHEV dash

The one downside with the Sorento PHEV though is price. It’s around $81,990 drive away and that’s about $15,000 more expensive than the GT Line diesel and you can buy a lot of diesel for that.

This is a Motoring Minute

Im Brianna Fraser

Kia Sorento PHEV dash

What is good?

What is not so good?

  • Luxury features
  • Quiet and economical
  • Interior space

Kia Sorento PHEV plug


Mazda CX-8 Asaki LE  

Model Price From $69,290 MLP*
Engine 2.2L Twin Turbo 4 Cyl Diesel
Drivetrain 6 speed Auto AWD
Power 140kW @ 4500rpm
Torque 450Nm @ 2000rpm
Safety 5 Star  ANCAP (tested 2018)
CO2 Emissions 158g/km
0-100kmh / top speed 9.6sec/TBC
Economy ADR / Tank 6.0 L/100km ADR, 7.8 L/100km over our test / 74L
Servicing 12 months / 10,000 km
Warranty 5yr/ Unlimited km with 5 Yr. conditional roadside assist

 *MLP Includes GST and LCT but excluding statutory charges, dealer costs and dealer delivery. See your dealer for RDAP. Does not include price of options. Some features mentioned in the article are options.

*RDAP is a recommended drive away price.

Kia Sorento PHEV rear

Overall Rating    


Behind the Wheel 9
Comfort 9
Equipment 9
Performance 8
Ride and Handling 8
Practicality 9
Fit for Purpose 9
AWD Ability / Towing 8
Technology / connectivity 8
Value for Money 8
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