Audi Q5 45 TFSi Quattro Sport 2020 Review

2020 Audi Q5 45 TFSi Quattro Sport Review

2019 Audi Q5.Q5 has been with us in this form since 2017 with a few small updates here and there. It remains one of the favourites in the posh SUV-buying Eastern Suburbs

Q5 45 TFSi Quattro Sport Outside:

Audi is known for discretion in its understated, subtle exteriors.

Q5 45 TFSi Quattro Sport stands on 20” wheels shod with 255/45 rubber. Its body is crafted with subtle curves I describe as “rounded chunkiness.” LED lighting has long been an Audi signature. Each new model brings streaks of instantly recognizable light in both front and rear clusters.

At the front, lights have been integrated into the grille trim, and its matte-metal effect design. The grille proudly has the 4-ring badge in the centre, and QUATTRO badge to the left. QUATTRO models use Audi’s AWD system which saw the brand rocket ahead of the rally pack all those decades ago.

An electric tailgate, and smart-entry doors give the classy SUV a final flourish of practicality.

2019 Audi Q5.

Q5 45 TFSi Quattro Sport Inside:

The cabin is simple, subtle and beautifully laid out.

Controls are clustered in groups, and looks complex at first glance. You quickly realise they are set within easy reach with physical buttons and switches you can feel for without having to take your eyes off the road.

Our car included the Technik package with HUD. The driver has a digital cockpit which can display navigation, as well as the usual speed and revs. Driver data can be split and displayed depending on personal preference.

Seats are leather clad, and are heated and cooled with a massage function depending on the package you choose. I’d like to see all that as standard.

Infotainment includes a fix floating tablet in place of the older unit which slid into the dash when not in use. Navigation is standard with inputs via the touch screen, voice, centre console control centre, or steering wheel buttons.

Standard audio is a 180watt 10-speaker system which can be upgraded to Bang and Olufsen. The 755 watt B&O unit has 19 speakers with a 3D setting and accent lighting in the front speakers. Apple Carplay/Android Auto uses USB to stream music and other functions, and radio includes DAB+ for those who prefer a connection with the outside world.

2019 Audi Q5.

Q5 45 TFSi Quattro Sport Driving:

The superbly smooth 2.0L petrol engine has a turbo-charged 185kw/370Nm punch. The power gets to the AWD system via a 7-speed S tronic double clutch automatic (8 -speed in the SQ50 TDi) and will power Q5 to 100kph in 6.3 seconds. You’ll continue on to a top speed of 237kph if you don’t mind losing your licence.

Consumption is 7.3L/100k, emitting 167g/k of CO2. That’s not bad for such a hefty lass.

The most important thing a buyer will want to know is what Q5 is like to drive, and to that, I simply say, “magnificent.”

The occupants are cocooned rarified air, that has been purified and filtered, and wafts gently through carefully placed vents. External sounds are barely perceivable, with just the merest hint of wind. It matches the supremely smooth ride.

Steering is light and precise.

Q5 is loaded with safety gizmos too. There is active lane control and autonomous emergency braking. Cruise control slows with the traffic slows, and in case you encounter a careless pedestrian, the active bonnet pops up a few centimetres to ensure humans don’t contact hard surfaces like engine parts.

It is safe, elegant, and sophisticated, a very nice place to be.

If you fancy better economy, go for the TDi engine. The turbo diesel is great on long trips. SQ models have a 6 cylinder version which is even better.

2019 Audi Q5.

2020 Audi Q5 45 TFSi Quattro Sport Conclusion:

Q5 45 TFSi Quattro Sport is a good balance between form and function.

Now that a majority of buyers prefer an SUV style of vehicle, the attributes of sedans have been reinterpreted. Station wagon flexibility has been given added height, more interior space, and a raised driving position.

You’ll manage a little light dirt track work, so reaching your country cabin will be a doddle. It keeps you safe, with most of the clever tech kept out of your way.

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Model   Audi Q5 45 TFSi Quattro Sport

  • Model Price          $79,940 MLP*
  • Engine                  2.0 L TFSI Petrol 4 cyl
  • Drivetrain              Quattro 7 S Tronic DCT
  • Power                    185 kW @ 5000 rpm
  • Torque                  370 Nm @ 1600 – 5500 rpm
  • Safety                    5 Star ANCAP
  • CO2 Emissions      172 g/km
  • Economy ADR      7.3 L/100km
  • Tow Capacity        2000 kg
  • Tow Ball Rating    200 kg
  • Servicing                              TBC
  • Warranty               3 Yr./ Unlimited km / 3 Yr. roadside assist

*MLP – Manufacturers List Price includes GST and LCT but excluding statutory charges, dealer costs and dealer delivery. See your dealer for RDAP. Does not include price of any options.

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