All-New Volvo V40 debut at 2012 Genea Motor Show

All-New Volvo V40Geneva Motor Show 2012
The all-new Volvo V40 is set to shake up the Small Premium segment with its high-tech features and ‘big car’ thinking all in a stunning compact package.

Offering the perfect balance of Scandinavian luxury and intuitive, functional design, the all-new Volvo V40 offers clean and elegant lines, a high-end fit and finish and meticulous attention to detail – in other words, all the hallmarks of a modern Volvo.

“The all-new V40 attracts you with its sleek, dynamic exterior. It wraps you in a super-comfortable cockpit with outstanding ergonomics and technology that makes you feel informed and relaxed, yet focused. This driver-centric approach is what modern Volvos are all about,” says HÃ¥kan Abrahamsson, Vehicle Line Director C Cars & V40 Vehicle Programme Manager.

Design: Scandinavian luxury at its best
The interior of the all-new Volvo V40 is designed around people with a strong emphasis on ergonomics, comfort and an engaging driving experience. Key features are as follows:
•The all-new Volvo V40 is available with a fixed panorama glass roof that stretches from the front windscreen to the backrest of the rear seats.
Geneva Debut: The All-New Volvo V40
•The panorama roof improves the feeling of spaciousness inside the car. It is tinted and designed to reduce infrared radiation into the passenger compartment;
•The all-new V40 features Volvo’s iconic ultra-slim centre stack, now in a more sculpted version than before;
•The interior lighting is designed to give a ‘theatre lighting’ feel. LED lamps are used to light up strategic areas. The driver can enjoy a red-to-blue setting that adapts the light to the interior temperature – or choose between another seven mood themes. The reading lights front and rear can also be dimmed;
•The new, frameless interior rear-view mirror is inspired by modern smartphone design;
•Textiles are certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Leather surfaces are chrome-free. The “Clean Compartment” scheme is recommended by the Swedish Asthma & Allergy organisation;
•The fuel-filler pipe is self-closing – a smart design that makes refueling easier since there is no longer a need for a fuel-filler cap.

All-New Volvo V40 Geneva 2012 dash

“The meticulous attention to detail and the choice of materials contribute to the high-quality impression. This approach is crucial for creating the same exclusive atmosphere as in a large luxury car. We have worked hard to achieve the right Scandinavian luxury feel: pure, clean and genuine – but without being too minimalistic,” said Maria Uggla, Colour & Material Design Manager.

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