2020 KIA Seltos Launch Review 

Kia launches the all new Seltos

Kia Seltos GroupKIA continues steps it up a notch new Seltos.  

David Brown and I drive some of the the best Queensland country roads in and around NOOSA HEADS.

There are a lot of KIA firsts with technology, innovation, good looks, and comfort.

What’s new in KIA Seltos?.

There loads of new buttons. Mood lighting pulses to the beat of your music., which can be turned off, if you don’t want it.

The top models have a 10.25” hi-definition screen, which can split its use between functions. Navigation, Apple Carplay/Android Auto and other apps are used like you would on your smart phone

What about the engineering?

The 2.0L gets front wheel drive through a CVT. The punchier 1.6 has AWD and a 7 speed DCT.

These two engines sip the juice, getting 6.8 and 7.6L/100km respectively.

KIA hasn’t had the shots fired across its bow like VW and Ford, whose dual clutch transmissions regularly fell over.

That is one of the many reasons every KIA has a 7 year warranty with roadside assist.

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What is KIA Seltos like on the road?

In short, it’s great.

Graeme Gambold waves a hand over every new KIA model. He sets the suspension and steering to his liking. Seltos has a new system which allows calibrated assistance for turning in to, and out of a corner.

It gives the steering a lively feel not available previously.

Ride is excellent. Some preferred the top GT Line, while others liked the feeling of those models with smaller wheels. Both were equally adept at cornering.

We traversed highways and B roads, with tight twists and gentle bends. Long stretches of great open road were best suited to the DCT gearbox. I’d happily cross the country in Seltos.

Our top model had mutli-link rear suspension, with the front wheel drive models having a torsion beam set up. All cars have MacPherson struts up front.

Driver Aids and Safety Gear.

The Blind Spot Monitor beeps and shows a flashing symbol in the side mirrors, driver instruments, and HUD. The HUD, a-la fighter jets, can be configured as the driver wishes.

Active steering keeps you centred in the lane, unless you indicate to change lanes. If the system sees a car you’ve missed, it will still try and stop you from having an accident.

AEB (autonomous emergency braking) brakes if the system sees a car or bike in front. It also works in reverse, flashing arrows in the direction of the approaching vehicle (or person).

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What’s my verdict?

KIA lobbed a huge bomb at the opposition with Seltos.

The pretty exterior is the best in the segment, and most other segments as well. The delicious interiors are a distinct improvement in cabin ambience,, and technology has been laid on with a trowel.

Seltos is being marketed as an SUV, but family hatch lovers won’t feel out of place.

Seltos is close to being most things to most people.

KIA Seltos: S, Sport, Sport+, GT Line


2.0L 4cyl , 110kw/180Nm, 2WD, CVT

Econ: 6.8 L/100km, 157 gm/km CO2

1.6L turbo 4cyl , 130kw/265Nm, AWD, CVT

Econ: 7.6 L/100km, 175 gm/km CO2, 7 sp DCT

Warranty: 7 years/unlimited km/roadside assist

Safety: untested

Origin: Korea

Price: $25,990 – $41,990 drive away

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