Kia Sportage GT Line Lifestyle Review

2019 Kia Sportage GT Line Road Test Review

MY19 Kia Sportage GT Line.

Kia Sportage Fit for purpose

Brianna said: The Sportage is perfect for a small family or a couple that wants that larger car. A very functional car for any sort of driving even in the city this zip around and you don’t feel too big in it. It’s also is good for going away for weekends, plenty of room for luggage

Alex said: All around a vehicle that is pleasing to the eye and suitable for a family or a group of friends. I would be happy to go away with friends, enough room for taller people and sporting gear as well

Kia Sportage Design

Brianna said: I love the exterior look of this car; I think it is very sleek and has a luxury feel to it. I particularly like the sloping bonnet and slim lights, makes it feel high end. The interior carries this through too, with look of the two tone seats and all the functionality. While the dash is busy there aren’t too many buttons, keeping the dash clean and not crowded. Has a classic feel to it with stitching in the seats and the sloping line of the exterior.

MY19 Kia Sportage GT Line interior.

Alex said: Beautiful exterior look with a hint of a luxury style implied in the vectors that streamline down to the uniquely flashy looking headlights and side fins. The interior is also sleek and the space when seated is above and beyond the normal space you get with a SUV of this range, the leather seats are incredibly comfortable which paired with the electronic adjustment ensures you get the most comfortable position possible.

MY19 Kia Sportage Diesel Engine.

Kia Sportage Performance –

Brianna said: The car runs very smoothly, great momentum again giving it a sporty feel. Good economy and just keeps going with no fuss. I really enjoyed driving the car and it handled well for either peak hour traffic or open freeways.

Alex said: Enough power and handling. The diesel engine has good acceleration and keeps you moving well. We took it for a couple of longer drives and it was very economical. Good size for driving around town and car parks.

MY19 Kia Sportage GT Line interior.

Kia Sportage Comfort

Brianna said: Great comfort with this car, a lot of space all round with a reasonable boot. Seats very comfortable could easily settle in for a 10 hour road trip. The dashboard offered all you need giving you extra comfort in the technology side of things. It was really nice getting up every morning in the early hours with pre winter cold snaps and jumping in with amazing seat warmers and heating.

MY19 Kia Sportage GT Line interior.

Alex said: if I was to highlight anything in particular it would be the boot space and the capacity of volume it holds for a deceptively looking flat boot, once again the seating space and comfort is spot on and would be an extremely pleasant ride for a group of adult friends or family.

MY19 Kia Sportage GT Line.

Kia Sportage Verdict

Brianna said: I really loved this car and would buy one tomorrow, it had all you want, great for families or even couples that can use that extra space for any needs.

Alex said: this car for me is one of my favourite vehicles due to its comfort and power, the price range makes it almost irresistible not to get.

Kia Sportage GT Line
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Brianna said: I really loved this car and would buy one tomorrow, it had all you want, great for families or even couples that can use that extra space for any needs.

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