2020 Genesis G70 Sport Review

2020 Genesis G70 Sport Road Test Review

There’s plenty to like about Genesis cars not the least being how they look, how they drive and their price.

Genesis G70 kicks off the range with a selection of turbo, four-cylinder and twin-turbo, six-cylinder models. Subject of this review is the 2.0-litre, G70 Sport Sedan, one up from the entry level model. It sells for $63,300 and including Kia’s Stinger 2.0-litre GT, has a few competitors here including European brands.

G70 is a rear wheel drive, medium size, four door sedan that comes out of Hyundai… the same set-up as Lexus/Toyota.

Genesis benefits from a higher level of technology, manufacturing and equipment compared with mainstream Hyundai products.

In order to get a foothold here, Genesis Australia offer a buying/ownership experience second to none that includes among other things, a free loan car when your Genesis is being serviced and the ability to tap into the production process to essentially custom build your car.

2020 Genesis G70 Sports 2.0L T FRONT

The G70 Sport Sedan driven features a similar engine to Hyundai’s i30N, detuned and swung longitudinally in the engine bay to facilitate rear wheel drive.

It transmits power via an 8-speed auto transmission and gains some fairly serious high performance components such as four piston front Brembo brakes on 350mm discs, Michelin 19-inch Sport Pilot rubber on wide alloys and locally fettled sports suspension.

Five drive modes are provided while a good selection of advanced driver assist safety technology is fitted.

G70 looks good too with identifiable styling links to Hyundai but cleverly uprated details including the Bentley-esque winged badge.

My only concern for Genesis is Infiniti (Nissan) which had similar aspirations but never really got a foothold here. I think Genesis is more focussed than Infiniti ever was but they need more dealers… now.

Who will put up their hand?

2020 Genesis G70 Sports 2.0L T Profile


Curvy with some sharp edges, G70 looks like a coupe in profile with a low arcing roofline and nicely executed styling lines along its flanks. The similarity with Infiniti cars is fairly obvious but that look is somewhat generic among many brands available at the moment.

G70 Sport has an aggressive stance heightened by the gloss black 19-inch alloys and wheel arch filling fat tyres.

There’s a neat, arrow-shaped vent cut into the front guards that seems to be designed as an airflow fixture for brake cooling.

From behind, there’s a definite European look with BMW-style tail lights and a so called “pancake” boot with a high deck.

Twin oval exhaust tips poke through the lower bumper panel.

But most comment from “the street” concerning this car was the badge. Everyone said the same thing…. Bentley.

No argument there.

2020 Genesis G70 Sports 2.0L T interior


It’s a really tidy interior based around the multi-faceted dash complete with central “tablet” touchscreen and a wider than usual central control “stack” with multiple air vents.

Genesis designers have integrated the door trims into the dash sides for a homogenous sweep from one side of the car right across to the other. The driver’s instrument pod with digital and analogue read outs is under a low binnacle that sits behind a sporty multi-function wheel.

Selective use of metallic fascia lifts the look without going overboard and thankfully, no faux woodgrain in this model.

There’s luxurious seating for four inside, leather upholstery and premium audio. The boot is large and expandable with folding rear seats. Some switchgear commonality between Hyundai and Genesis is noted but who cares.

Like the colours used too, a mixture of greys, black and silver.

2020 Genesis G70 Sports 2.0L T Features


This is one up from the G70 entry point but doesn’t miss out on much. You get goodies like:

  • 12- way, powered, heated front seats
  • Dual zone climate control
  • Tyre pressure monitor
  • SUNA hard wired satnav
  • QI phone charger
  • Mechanical limited slip differential
  • Sport instrumentation, seats and exterior styling
  • Paddle shift
  • Performance suspension
  • Latest InTouch multimedia system

2020 Genesis G70 Sports 2.0L T

Drive and Engine

G70 Sport goes like a beauty with plenty of grunt thanks to the twin scroll turbo, four pot engine complete with variable valve timing and direct fuel injection.

Bulk torque becomes available from just 1200rpm which helps move the weighty (1700kg) G70 like the sports sedan that it is.

Stated engine output is 179kW and 353Nm with fuel economy hovering around a claimed 9.0-litres/100km. The 8-speed auto aids performance and drive feel slipping imperceptibly between cogs or clicking through like a computer game when the paddle shift is used.

I like the suspension calibration which is firm and controlled while the big Brembo brakes are superb as is tyre grip. You can have plenty of fun in this car if so inclined.

But there’s no soul to the exhaust note which is practically inaudible. Needs some snap, crackle and pop – a bi-modal exhaust as they say.

Is G70 Sport as good as the Euros?

I’d say as good, yes with an edge in engine performance when you compare what you get for your dollar.

One thing I particularly noticed when driving this car was a higher level of street cred’ than expected from punters who liked the look of the car but didn’t know what it was….

They thought it was European….

Genesis G70 G80 Hyundai


G70 gets a 5-star crash rating and plenty of advanced driver assist technology such as radar cruise control, AEB with pedestrian and cyclist recognition, blind spot warning, (somewhat annoying) lane keeping assist, rear cross traffic alert and parking assist front and rear but no 360 degree camera or heads up display.

There are 7 air bags and LED headlights for high and low beam adding to the safety package.

Good Bits

  • Strong performance
  • Competitive pricing
  • All-inclusive ownership experience

Not So Good Bits

  • No 360 degree camera
  • Not many dealers
  • Retained value

2020 Genesis G70 Sports 2.0L T FRONT QTR


I liked driving the G70 Sport because it’s engaging and delivers plenty of sporty performance in the engine and handling departments.

The looks are smart and high quality components add more appeal to the package.

Convincing snobs to buy a Genesis over a BMW/Benz/Audi may be problematic. They should at least take a look.

Facts and Figures: 2020 Genesis G70 Sport Sedan

  • Engine: 2.0L four-cylinder turbo petrol producing 179kW/353Nm
  • Transmission: Eight-speed automatic
  • Warranty: 5 years/ unlimited km
  • Safety: Five stars
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Price: from $63,300 MLP*

*MLP Includes GST and LCT but excluding statutory charges, dealer costs and dealer delivery. See your dealer for RDAP. Does not include price of options. Some features mentioned in the article are options

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Genesis G70 2.0L Sport


I liked driving the G70 Sport because it’s engaging and delivers plenty of sporty performance in the engine and handling departments.

The looks are smart and high quality components add more appeal to the package.

Convincing snobs to buy a Genesis over a BMW/Benz/Audi may be problematic. They should at least take a look.

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