2012 Hyundai i30 Review

2012 Hyundai i30 Premium Exterior
The Hyundai i30 .Yeah we know the i30. That’s the car Hyundai released in 2007. and lifted the bench mark for small car buyers, as this was a landmark small car for the Hyundai brand. The hyundai i30 changed people’s attitude towards Hyundai. I have a friend who has the diesel i30 and she absolutely loves her i30 Hyundai Diesel .

Go forward to present day, you now have The Next Generation i30 to be released mid this year. Hyundai have used the Korean/ European influenced design to its advantage (thank you Mr. Thomas Burkle) with its great Next Generation Hyundai i30.

The Hyundai i30 is available in three variants The Active, The Elite, The Premium and you have the choice of a 1.8 litre Petrol or a 1.6 litre Diesel.

Outside appearance shows that the car has a wider stance (1.78W), definitely longer (4.30L) and we are told its 10mm lower in height to the original (now it’s 1.47H) .This combined with the strong look of the hex grill and those impressive eagle eyed headlight s and its fluid sculpture design, the rear displays what I can only describe as curvaceous hips, gives the vehicle a statement of “Hey Look At Me!!”.The Hyundai cars now have a distinctive look which is recognizable across the range of vehicles Hyundai’s offer.

2012 Hyundai i30 Premium Interior

Interior is just as impressive. Ergonomically designed, everything is at your fingertips, so you can concentrate on driving, All models get full-colour touchscreen display and a touchscreen multifunction display (five inches for the Active, seven inches for the Elite and Premium),cruise control, rear parking sensors, Bluetooth integration ,iPod connectivity, a USB input ,and it just ….looks good !!!.Seven airbags are also standard across the range .The front seats are extremely comfortable almost hugging you as you drive.

The rear seats are super comfy with plenty of leg room even for a tall bloke like myself ,it was roomy, although the middle seat would only be good for short stint.

Another fantastic feature for the i30 is the Flex Steer variable steering. It allows the driver to choose three steering modes (Comfort, Normal, and Sport), via a steering wheel-mounted button, which changes the level of assistance from the electric power steering (EPS) system. I must admit this took a while to get used to but you certainly do notice the difference when you use the different modes at different times of driving, more noticeable around town than on the open road. I might say the ladies would use the Comfort setting whereas the gents might go the Sporty setting …although that depends on the driver!!

2012 Hyundai i30 Active Exterior

Safety…. I must emphasise that safety is a key component to this New Generation i30.

There are three models on offer ,The Active, a very good entry level vehicle ($20,990) ,The Elite($24,590) it is well fitted- out for the asking price. You get sat-nav, keyless entry and ignition, live SUNA traffic updates, a reversing camera, dual-zone climate control, rain-sensing wipers 16-inch alloys, Nice eh!!Then there’s The Premium,($29,990) It has the panoramic glass roof, leather upholstery, heated and powered front seats, HID headlamps and electronic parking brake. Personally I like The Active, you get a lot of bang for your buck!!!!!Did I mention there are seven colours available?.

As mentioned before safety is key to Hyundai and I must say the handle /ride of this vehicle through our testing grounds was very impressive and I will put that down to the fact that Hyundai tweak the suspension just for our driving conditions here in Australia. Great responsive handling and a confidence knowing that the vehicle could handle all situations at all times .Don’t be afraid to take the Diesel out for a test drive, as at the end of the day this was my choice of vehicle especially in the Auto.

2012 Hyundai i30 Active Exterior rear

Overall impression of the Hyundai i30 is…I like it .There is now a familiarity between the range of Hyundai vehicles available. The combination of Hyundai workmanship with European styling is really starting to pay off and as mentioned before the Hyundai’s are very keen on SAFTEY .So in advance I would like to say ….Enjoy your test drive of The Next Generation i30 Hyundai …No Enjoy your purchase of The Next Generation i30 Hyundai.

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  1. From my experience as servicee Manager with Hyundai Dealer since 2001, I can tell you that Accent it is the most reliable vehicle I have seen on the market. Low maintenance costs, the car with virtually no recalls, low in fuel consumption and high mileage drivenI have seen 95 Accents with over 220 miles and minimal repairs spending.From 95 since Hyundai brought Accent to American continent, it had only 4 minor recalls and 1 major (suspension related). Compare this to any other model and you will see the difference.Look at maintenance: do a tune-up-it will cost you up to $120. Compare with an expensive car like Toyota, Lexus, or any other one, not to mention V6 engine starting at least $250 to begin with.Only one advise: considering is an ex-rental, get someone to check the car bumper to bumper. Just in case Good luck with your decision.

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