2017 Mitsubishi Triton GLX 4WD cab chassis 1
Dual Cab Ute Guide

Mitsubishi Triton GLX 4WD Cab Chassis Ute Review

Normally two door cab chassis Utes are a two wheel drive version and most will come in manual. So when the opportunity came up to test a Mitsubishi Triton GLX Cab Chassis in 4wd automatic configuration we jumped at the chance […]

2016 Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi micro Mirage hatch: better, bolder for 2016

Mirage hatch – has received a boost for 2016 with fresh exterior looks, upgraded interior and better on-road dynamics. Inside, a new high-grade seating trim and cushioned rear seats improve passenger comfort and piano black and chrome accents enhance the cabin’s touch points. […]

Mitsubishi ASX LS

Mitsubishi ASX LS 2WD Manual Review

The appeal of the small SUV is that you still retain the stylish practicalities of a city vehicle while reaping the benefits of space the SUV design has to offer – a balance the Mitsubishi ASX has managed to achieve. […]

Mitsubishi Triton 2wd single cab
Dual Cab Ute Guide

2016 Mitsubishi Triton Single Cab GLX 2WD Trayback Ute Final Long Term Test review

The 2016 Mitsubishi Triton Single Cab GLX 2WD Trayback Ute has been the superstar in our renovation. We would have struggled to do it without. I think I have sold about three similar Utes to trade people turning up to do quotes. Unfortunately the good people at Mitsubishi actually wanted their Ute back […]

Mitsubishi Triton GLX 2WD Trayback l
Dual Cab Ute Guide

2015 Mitsubishi Triton Single Cab GLX 2WD Trayback Long Term Test

We have had the Mitsubishi Triton Single Cab GLX 2WD Trayback Ute for about 8 weeks now and it has proved extremely popular and useful. The 2015 Triton GLX 2WD Trayback Ute is often overlooked but is an almost ideal work and tradie ute. Over the last two weeks we have used the carrying capabilities daily as we are doing a house renovation. […]