When is The Best Time to Shop for a Car?

Car ads use a bit of theatrics and “the best time to buy is NOW!” attitude that elicits urgency in shoppers. However, did you know that there are certain times of the year, including specific days, that are ideal to find the best deals on new car for sale Brisbane ads?

Dealers are offering leasing, cash-back, and financing incentives just about every month. Some offers occur the entire year, but many others fluctuate—emphasizing timing. So, what are the best times to buy the best new or demonstrator cars for sale Brisbane has?

Before purchasing a new car

If your daily car is struggling on its last km, you do not have to wait for months for the best deals in Brisbane to pop up. If you wait, your car may get in such terrible shape that once you decide to sell it, you are in a position of loss during negotiations. However, if your vehicle is in running well, you are in the best position to work out a good deal with the dealer.

Even if the next car purchase is months from today, start test driving the different options now. A few months to pick up the new vehicle provides you with a no-pressure timeframe to learn more about the new cars you are considering. Plus, you get more confident with walking away from a new car for sale Brisbane pitch if you dislike the process.

Buy on a Monday

Statistics show that you are more likely to receive a good deal during weekdays. Shoppers buying a vehicle on Monday save much more than those who buy on any other day!

The reason behind this is that Mondays are not as busy as the other days, and the salesperson has more time to negotiate with you. If you are prepared and ready for the negotiations, this extra time can work for you, especially when looking at demonstrator cars for sale Brisbane has. Plus, if the dealer had a busy weekend of sales, they are less likely to be in the mood to haggle over the price of one car.

Go for the incentives

While missing a good car deal is a pain, it is more painful if your vehicle breaks down just because you are holding on to the hope of a good deal is likely to come up in a few months. There are demonstrator cars for sale Brisbane special incentives happening all-year-round, especially right now! Check deals pages and articles often and early, you may find that one special deal on your dream vehicle—even if it is before you seriously need a new ride.

Getting started now

The informed customer is more likely to score a great deal on the best new car for sale Brisbane has on offer. If this sounds like you, check out the frequent deals Brisbane City Skoda has on new, used, and demo cars at https://brisbanecityskoda.com.au/. These deals have the potential to help you save thousands of dollars, even on financing your new car purchase! 

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