Toyota Prius Taxis in Vancouver 2011

Toyota Prius Taxi in Vancouver 600

We have arrived in Vancouver and the first thing we noticed was that all the taxis are Toyota’s and over 2/3 of them are the Prius. Have you ever tried to fit luggage for three people, especially two teenage girls into a Prius and then squash a 6 foot three inch bloke in the front. Squishy isn’t quite the word for it.

The Prius Taxi though we had was 6 years old, had over 850,000km on the clock and drove pretty good. The driver had replaced the brakes and the batteries, with those from a wreck and he couldnt rave enough about it. He has had absolutely no problems with it and he reckoned that it was heaps cheaper to run than his last taxi. His next taxi which he has already bought is the Pruis 3 and he was keeping the exisiting taxi as a runaround for his wife (with 850,000km on the clock).

The other thing you notice is not only the abundance of Prius taxis but the general public has adopted them as well. They are everywhere, along with Honda Insights.

Vancouver is an energy concious city with the sky rail busses running on electricity and I have to say effeciently and clean.

Surprisingly though there are few big american pick up trucks here.

Next update soon 🙂

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  1. sixpackdan Absolutely! buy a hybrid and destroy mother earth. Good god is ALL the car populus completely stupid. JUST because you save a few gallons of gas you morons think your saving the planet!!! B/S!!!! GET REAL the carbon foot print of hybrids is ABSOLUTeLY stagering. Wake up and cut the crap. If your buying an over priced hybrid to feel good about yourself thats ALL your really doing. Those dam batteries and the associated systems punch up your carbon footprint to the hummer level!!!!! Get off your high horse. If you REALLY want to impress me ride a bike or take public transportation. Drop the attitude…..your “saving” is a complete lie. I got a slightly modifiied Geo metro that get 60 mpg…..AND i dont have to drive like a douche to get that milage. Let me see ANY of your pos hybrids match that in EVERY day driving. My footprint is WAY smaller….jerks. Thats ok you will pay when you die. Moma earth is gona kick your azz.

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