Top 4 Reasons You Should Install Bollards

If your property has high vehicle traffic, one of your biggest concerns is the safety of your team members. However, you’re also responsible for protecting visitors visiting your property. Thus, instituting safety measures to enhance this is vital.

Anti parking bollard in the city

Bollard vehicle safety solutions enable you to implement such measures. In addition, installing bollards on your property can help indicate to the staff and visitors that their safety is your primary concern. Even though there are various bollard materials in the market today, one of the most common is stainless steel. This is due to its strength and resistance to weather elements. Furthermore, they’re also more stylish and can complement other structural materials. However, you can still use other bollards from concrete, aluminium, cast iron and polyurethane.

If you don’t have bollards installed on your property yet, here are some reasons you should:

  1. Helps Manage Traffic

You may not always have a sufficient workforce to direct traffic flow. However, movement within your property must continue and flow as necessary. Installing bollards can help provide essential directions when no one is around. Furthermore, some areas on your property may be convenient and safer to have bollards.

You can have bollards in a parking area to designate individual parking spaces. This can help avoid minor accidents when pulling in or out of the parking. It can also prevent drivers from damaging walls or other installations you may have.

Additionally, bollards can help indicate exit and entry points. Hence, installing bollards can avoid confusion that can result in accidents and the destruction of property. For instance, your location’s usual traffic flow might require drivers to turn right. On the other hand, your drop-off area requires vehicles to turn left instead. You can also use bollards to cordon-off loading zones or restricted parking spaces.

Furthermore, there are some parts of the property you may want to designate for pedestrian use. Therefore, you must keep vehicles from using this as a parking space or overtaking spot. Installing bollards can help provide a barrier between pedestrian and vehicle traffic areas.

  1. Help Protect Your Property From Accidental Damages

The movement of materials and equipment is inevitable if you have a large facility or warehouse. Thus, conventional vehicles like warehouse forklifts, trolleys and pallet jacks are essential. Unfortunately, these vehicles can hit walls, doors or other installations while operating them. Such damages would need repairs and can eat into your profit margins.

However, if you install bollards strategically, they can prevent such damages. Furthermore, they can help provide for your forklift operators. Hence, you can save on time and repair costs.

Busy streets also have a high risk of damage through accidents. Even though you want to shield your property, you also want to display your merchandise to potential clients. In addition, you want to create ease of access to customers. Installing safety bollards can help you achieve this. Safety bollards can ensure your property isn’t damaged if a car loses control on the streets. This can also keep your staff and customers safe from injuries.

bollards with Security at the gate

  1. Helps Prevent Unauthorised Entry

Security of your property is essential. Thus, you might want to ensure that whoever drives in or out has the necessary access, especially if your property is a high-security facility. Therefore, installing bollards at your property’s entry and exit points is crucial. This ensures that you can adequately validate passage before a vehicle enters or exits your property.

Bollards can either be permanent or retractable. The retractable ones can be manual or automatic. On the entry and exit points, you can install automatic retractable bollards. This ensures the safety of your security team while deterring forced entry.

In some places, your property may have a storefront or a street-facing showroom. These parts of the building primarily have glass walls or windows. Thus, your valuables are visible to potential clients and prying eyes. A would-be burglar can attempt to use heavy vehicles to ram into these sections. However, if you have bollards, they can help stop the burglars from smashing through them.

Furthermore, the presence of bollards provides a physical security barrier. It also sends a message that your property might have other security measures. Thus, it helps deter potential vandalism or forced-entry attempts on your property. It’s important to note that your security bollard must be of a much stronger material like stainless steel. This is to ensure they can stop high-impact ram attempts.

  1. Enhances Curb Appeal

If your property is a high-traffic facility like a shopping mall, putting up half-walls or fences can reduce its aesthetic appeal. This can make it less popular with your clients. However, you can use decorative bollards to maintain the property’s style and enhance its architectural style. These bollards provide a visual barrier to vehicles while improving the curb appeal of your property.


Bollards are an essential safety and security feature. Installing bollards can reduce property damages and security breaches on your property. In addition, they can also help prevent injuries while enhancing your property’s aesthetic appearance. If you don’t have them yet, you should install them now.