How to Keep Your Car Safe on the Road


Some car owners tend to park their cars in places you could have never imagined when they are travelling. Since a car is a valuable asset, it would be wise to take precautionary measures when you are out on the road travelling, especially when your family is with you.

Choose a Safe Parking Space

Correctly picking your parking space makes a big difference when it comes to the safety of your vehicle. You do not want to leave your car and come back only to find out that it has already been robbed. Below are some of the best tips when parking your vehicle while travelling:

Use a parking garage as much as possible. However, your car is not 100% safe when it is in a parking garage. There are instances when car owners find themselves ripped off by garage personnel who take advantage of the situation.

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It is best not to leave your valuables in the car, like laptops, cellphones, or MP3 players. These accessories usually are what tempt people to steal from your vehicle. If you have no choice but to leave these things in the car, keep them where thieves can easily see and find them.

Park your car on your own. It is convenient to pay for that valet parking. Although generally, valet parking garages are safe, if temptation arises, it may be difficult for a minimum wage earner to turn away from it.

If you are parking in an airport lot, do so near the entrance or exit toll booths or parking office. An area where it is well within the view of shuttle pickup sites or kiosks is also advisable. The higher the foot traffic, the better.

At night, always look for a well-lit parking spot. Under a lamp post is best. You might also want to look for a place where there is a surveillance camera.

Always Assume that Thieves Will Steal Your Car

Most thieves will instead steal cars outright than break into them. Since they want to do the crime fast, they will take the whole car and leave it somewhere else after getting all the valuables inside. Moreover, there is a lucrative market for hot stolen vehicles as well.

Therefore, always be aware of carjackers. Even if you are inside your car, it is not enough reason for thieves to steal your vehicle. Always lock your doors even when driving in traffic. This way, it will be difficult for robbers or carjackers to get into your car.

If another vehicle collided with your car from behind, do not get out of your car right away. Pullover somewhere safe where there are people. You’ll never know who bumped your car. If you observe any suspicious actions from other people, call the police right away while still inside your vehicle with doors locked. However, if you get into a real accident, then it is prudent to call for the nearest car service to have your car checked immediately for any damages.

But then, if your life is at risk, it is best to hand over the car key to carjackers than become a victim of an assault or a crime. Then call for help as soon as you can.


Other Road Safety Tips

As owner and driver of the vehicle, the responsibility of keeping it safe on the road lies on your hands. Here are other helpful tips to ensure that you keep yourself and your car safe at all times, especially when you are travelling alone.

  • Please familiarise yourself with the local traffic rules and regulations and abide by them.
  • Follow the speed limit, wherever you may be. You do not want to get a ticket for going beyond the allowed maximum speed. Moreover, be extra careful when driving in school zones and residential areas where children may unexpectedly cross the street.
  • Do not use your mobile phone when driving. Texting and driving are illegal in most countries.
  • Never tailgate. Leave at least a two-second gap from the car in front of you. This way, you can safely stop your vehicle if the driver ahead suddenly steps on the breaks. Further, it is safe to keep a distance from the car ahead to get quickly away in case they are carjackers who want to steal your vehicle.
  • Ensure that your care is safe to use on the road by obtaining a Roadworthy Certificate near me. It ensures that your car will not malfunction while on the road and will keep you and other motorists safe.

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  • Do not drive when the weather condition does not permit. You can check with the local news or the State Emergency Service to find flooded areas that you need to avoid. Never attempt to cross flooded areas, which might have strong currents that can carry your vehicle away.
  • Before travelling in remote or rural areas, ensure that your car is in good condition and has been serviced. Make sure that your fuel tank is full, have a spare tyre, proper car tools, and extra water since car services and gas stations are usually miles away from each other in remote areas.
  • When your vehicle breaks down, do not leave your car. It can provide you with protection from the sun, rain, or snow. Call your local emergency number for immediate help.
  • You might want to install a vehicle alarm or a tracker system to your vehicle so that in case it gets stolen, you can remotely control and shut it down. It can leave car thieves in a compromised situation.
  • Finally, before driving, make sure that you have enough rest, and sleep. Do not drive if you know that it is the time when you would usually be asleep. Additionally, never drive if you have taken in alcohol or any medication.


Keeping it safe on the road is essential to all drivers. Always remember to abide with your local road safety rules and regulations, including getting a Roadworthy Certificate Brisbane to ensure that your car is in an excellent working condition. Keeping your car safe at all times will make your travel more fun and memorable.