The Spectacular Peugeot 408 will go on sale in Australia in 2023

When Peugeot first showed the new 408, it said it was a new kind of car – and we are happy to see that the all-new 408 has been approved for sale in Australia.

The new PEUGEOT 408 will launch in Australia.

The French company has confirmed that the new high-riding crossover-like 408 will launch locally in 2023, but the exact launching time in Australia remains unknown, as well as the full line-up. What we do now is that the government approval documents include three separate variants or trim levels for the 408, including the familiar Allure and GT models with the small but efficient 1.2-litre three cylinder turbocharged petrol engine and the plug-in hybrid GT version – which will likely be the flagship model. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the all new Peugeot 408 and its launch in Australia.

The Design

The profile of the Peugeot 408 is unusual and dynamic, with complex surfaces and sharp lines, while the rear is low, with deeply integrated taillights and an aggressive rear bumper that simultaneously simulates a diffuser. Plus, the 408 debuts the exclusive Obsession Blue colour, which just looks spectacular – just as spectacular as the offers you can find at  If you look closely, you will also notice interesting “cat ears”, placed in place of the traditional spoiler.

However, the designers are particularly proud of the front end, which, according to product owner Tony Sloterman, lacks the traditional border between the front fascia and the front bumper. In this model, we see the latest interpretation of Peugeot’s design philosophy, which we believe reaches its peak in the 408.

The Interior

The new 408 features the latest generation of Peugeot’s i-Cockpit. There is the small steering wheel and digital instruments placed in front of the driver which we’re used to seeing in all recent Peugeot models.

The central console is dominated by the large screen for the multimedia device, while below it there’s another screen dedicated to i-Toggles functionality. The centre console is home to the gear shift controls as well as the drive mode selector.

The real transformation in the cabin is in the back seat. The wheelbase of the 408 is a full 12 centimetres longer than that of the Peugeot 308, and all that extra space is reserved for the back seat passengers. There is plenty of legroom and headroom for passengers, and headroom is further freed up by the relocated tailgate hinges that are “hidden” in those cat ears placed above the fifth door.

There are no complaints about the materials around the cabin either. Everything around the driver is well made and everything you touch has a great texture and is made of quality materials. Some of the plastics that are placed lower in the cabin, as well as some of the plastics around the rear seats, are a touch firmer – but that’s nothing new. All in all, the cabin has a feeling of spaciousness, light, and a lot of attention to detail.

The Engines

Although the 408 hasn’t officially launched yet in Australia, the documents reveal that the engines for the new model match the ones used in the 308 hatchback. This indicates that the option will be a 1.2 litre turbocharged 3-cylinder petrol engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission, producing 96 kw of power and 230 Nm of torque.

The top-of-the-line model will come with a 1.6 litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine that puts out 132kW of power, together with an 81kW electric motor with a total output of 165kW. This model will also come with an eight-speed automatic transmission.