Project Pajero Mitsubishi Pajero El Questro
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Project Pajero Part Two

Project Pajero is where we are revitalising a 10 year old 2002 NM 3.2L 5 Sp Auto Exceed Mitsubishi Pajero to its former state as a family outback touring vehicle, without the cost of buying a brand new 4WD. [Read More]

Project Pajero Mitsubishi Pajero 3
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Project Pajero – Revitalising an older Pajero Part 1

In an ideal world I’m sure everyone would love to go and buy a brand new 4WD and fit it out for a big trip. The reality however, is that not everyone’s finances will allow that. If your budget wont stretch that far or you’re looking for an exciting project , why not revitalise a second hand 4WD like we are with ‘Project Pajero’
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