2019 SsangYong Musso XLV Review

2019 SsangYong Musso Road Test Review

SsangYong is having another crack at the Aussie market with a brace of new models including a long wheelbase version of the Musso one tonne ute called the XLV.

It’s 310mm longer than the standard ute and has leaf rear springs enabling a 1020kg payload in the tub (up from 790kg in the coil spring equipped standard ute).

They look essentially the same with some detail changes around the grille and lights and other minor differences. Plus it’s longer in the wheelbase and tray areas.

Made in Korea and not Thailand like nearly all other one tonners sold here, XLV hits showrooms at a super sharp $33,990 drive away for the entry ELX model.

Two others are available with more kit including leather and other stuff a working truck probably doesn’t need.

I drove the ELX auto and the first thing you notice is ride quality and the smooth running engine driving through a Japanese-sourced Aisin 6-speed auto.

Not a fan of the styling though, especially the concave sides of the front mudguards echoed above the rear guards.

Apart from that and wide rear door skins that don’t reflect the actual size of the door, it’s pretty good measured against everything apart from Ford Ranger and VW Amarok.

I don’t know how the dealership network is travelling but would suggest it is somewhat skimpy which could be an issue for an owner as well as SsangYong itself. That may change.

Musso gets a generous 7 year/unlimited km warrant.

But resale is an issue as Musso ain’t no Hilux…

However, you are getting the discount up front when you buy an XLV.

Happy days.

SsangYong Musso XLV


As already mentioned, a couple of jarring notes that spoil the XLV’s look but the front is similar to other offerings in the segment and the overall appearance is OK viewed from a distance. It’s a long beast possibly one of the longest one tonners around and the tub sides are high.

Those rear doors look big but aren’t though the longer wheelbase extends the passenger compartment in the right places.

The tailgate has an interesting style line around much of its perimeter and fairly large tail lights.

Thankfully, I think SsangYong Australia has decided not to fit a sail plane fairing behind the cab as it does on the some of the SWB Mussos.

The windows are a good size, the finish is good and even the wheels look OK.

Apart from that, the XLV looks generic in terms of a one tonne ute.

SsangYong Musso XLV


Also fairly generic with some styling touches that seem over the top… like the wheel with integrated flat hand pads for some reason.

The seats offer good support and the dash is stylish and soft feel with smatterings of metal look fascia.

There’s a big control screen in the centre and sundry large switches and knobs to operate car functions.

Some attractive perforated metal speaker covers are set into the doors and the whole driver’s space is well appointed and laid out.

No funny smell either like earlier SsangYongs.

Once again, you could be in any number of current one tonne utes, same styling, same sort of features and good ergonomics.

SsangYong Musso


The ELX may be bottom of the food chain but SsangYong has dished up plenty of goodies to get some sales traction in a hyper competitive market. Along with a decent amount of advanced driver assist technology, the Musso XLV ELX (dumb name huh?) scores;

  • Selectable 4WD
  • EU6 compliant engine
  • Cruise control
  • 17-inch alloys
  • Full size spare
  • Reverse camera
  • Smart phone streaming
  • Multi-function wheel
  • 8-inch screen
  • Tray liner
  • Limited slip rear diff

SsangYong Musso

Drive and Engine

Power comes from a 2.2-litre turbo diesel with 133kW/420Nm output capable of returning a claimed 8.9-litres/100km

The test vehicle was optioned up with a 6-speed auto transmission which teams nicely to deliver good performance, pulling power, smooth running and acceptable fuel economy.

The leaf rear springs still offer a comfy ride even with a load in the tray and a car trailer on the back. Really appreciated was the supple ride and smooth running engine.

On paper, it’s not up with the front runners for power and torque but the ELX driven made relatively light work of towing a car and trailer with a total rig weight upwards of 2.0-tonnes.

The auto is particularly adept at harnessing available power/torque.

I like the selectable 4WD system but the sequential gear change button on the selector knob is old hat.

SsangYong Musso XLV


Musso isn’t rated here yet but should get a five star crash rating as it offers plenty of advanced driver assist technology such as autonomous emergency braking, forward collision warning, blind spot detection, lane departure warning and tyre pressure monitor to name a few. It is right up with the pack in this area.

The full size spare is appreciated as is the selectable 4WD system that allows you to whack it in RWD for general duties then 4WD as needed.

The longer wheelbase obviously weighs more clocking the XLV driven in at 2200kg. Plenty of bulk for protection.

SsangYong Musso XLV

Good Bits

  • Tows 3500kg
  • 1020kg payload in lined tray
  • Korean manufacture

Not So Good Bits

  • Poor resale
  • Challenging style
  • Not many dealers

SsangYong Musso XLV


Maybe if I was a tradie on a budget the XLV would get a look in. It has kit over and above the price and now comes with a 7 year/unlimited km warranty. Buy one in preference to a Chinese takeaway every day.

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Facts and Figures: 2019 SsangYong Musso XLV ELX

  • Engine: 2.2L four-cylinder turbo diesel producing 133kW/420Nm
  • Transmission: Six-speed automatic
  • Warranty: 7 years/ unlimited km
  • Safety: Possibly five stars
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Price: from $33,990 drive away


SsangYong Musso XLV


Maybe if I was a tradie on a budget the XLV would get a look in. It has kit over and above the price and now comes with a 7 year/unlimited km warranty. Buy one in preference to a Chinese takeaway every day.

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