Renault’s Megane R.S. 275 Trophy-R to take up the Albert Park Challenge

Renault Megane R.S. 275 Trophy-R  front qtr
In an event first, Renault will partner with the Australian Grand Prix Corporation to set the first ever production car lap record of the Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit.

The ‘Albert Park Challenge driven by Renault’ will be held on Thursday 12th March and is a new addition to the 2015 Formula 1® Rolex Australian Grand Prix schedule.

Never before has a commercially-available production vehicle under or up to two litre set a timed lap of the Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit, and there is no better vehicle to do this than the record-breaking Megane R.S. 275 Trophy-R.

In 2014, the Megane R.S. 275 Trophy-R first took on Germany’s notorious Nürburgring and then Japan’s Suzuka to now hold the front-wheel-drive production car lap record at these two iconic circuits. Now it is Australia’s turn with the Megane R.S. 275 Trophy-R taking on Albert Park.

Renault Megane R.S. 275 Trophy-R  front qtr

Infiniti Red Bull Racing young-gun Daniil Kvyat will be at the helm of the Megane R.S. during the Albert Park Challenge and is excited to have his first taste of the Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit for 2015.

“I’m really looking forward to getting behind the wheel of the Megane R.S. 275 Trophy-R and I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to set the first ever production car lap record of the Albert Park Circuit,” said Kvyat.

“It will be a great opportunity to get some track time ahead of the Grand Prix, and even better to do it with a Renault engine.”

Commenting on the announcement of Albert Park Challenge, Justin Hocevar, Managing Director Renault Australia, said: “We’re very excited to be a part of the first ever Albert Park Challenge, and to have this opportunity to demonstrate the dominance of our record-breaking Megane R.S. 275 Trophy-R in Australia. Our Renault Sport brand is renowned for its dominance on race tracks around the globe and we’re confident that we’ll set a cracking time for this new lap record.

We’re delighted to have Infiniti Red Bull Racing’s Daniil Kvyat driving the Megane R.S. and I personally can’t wait to see what sort of time he can achieve.”

Australian Grand Prix Corporation CEO, Andrew Westacott is pleased to announce yet another exciting new on-track initiative for the Formula 1® Rolex Australian Grand Prix.

Renault Megane R.S. 275 Trophy-R  front qtr

“What a great way of showcasing the abilities of the Megane around one of the world’s best Formula One circuits. To see one of the young guns of Formula One driving this car is sure to appeal to all fans at the track, and I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of time he can produce,” Westacott said.

Only 50 examples of the track-bred Megane R.S. 275 Trophy-R have been allocated to Australia from a global production run of 250 cars, and one of these will be used for the Albert Park Challenge.

The Mégane R.S. 275 Trophy-R comes as standard with the Cup chassis (complete with mechanical limited-slip differential), the 2.0-litre petrol R.S. engine boosted to 275bhp, a titanium Akrapovic exhaust system, ‘Öhlins Road&Track’ one-way adjustable dampers with composite springs and MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres that are specifically-adapted to the car.

A Nürburgring Accessory Kit including a lithium-ion battery, steel/aluminium brake discs and six-point harness belts with aviation-style buckles is available in Australia and contributes to Mégane R.S. 275 Trophy-R’s lighter weight.

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