Renault Mégane Coupé-Cabriolet


Renault Mégane Coupé-Cabriolet new generation model arrives just in time for the Australian Summer for pleasure-seekers.

The sexy, chic and highly-sophisticated new folding hardtop four-seater is sure to be a hit with sun-lovers around the country, with its new, more spacious interior, distinctive glazed black roof and light filled cabin.

The fast acting glass roof can hide itself away in 21 seconds, an action easily completed at the traffic lights.

The new generation Renault Mégane Coupé-Cabriolet is the ideal escape vehicle for drivers keen to secure a high quality, European convertible at an affordable price that can be driven all year round.

High on comfort and low on Noise, Vibrations and Harshness, packed with safety features including a reinforced A-pillar and pop-up rear headrests, and structurally strengthened throughout, the new Mégane Coupé-Cabriolet sets a new benchmark for the combination of glamour and practicality, which should ensure a strong demand from the Australian market where folding hardtop cars have for a long time been extremely popular.

Aside from the new generation standout Mégane styling, the Coupé-Cabriolet gains a distinctive glossy black glass roof that contrasts with the body colour and recalls the earlier days of black vinyl hoods.

The folding hardtop, with its large rear heated glass screen is far more modern a solution than the more fragile canvas or vinyl of yesteryear, not only in keeping the occupants dry, but also to shield them from traffic and road noise.

Renault Mégane Coupé-Cabriolet Interior

Renault has taken a wholesale approach to refining the driving experience of the new Mégane Coupé-Cabriolet, by finessing areas that could produce squeaks and rattles, buzzes and bumps, as well as working to minimise idling noises which sometimes can intrude into the cabin when stationary with the roof lowered.

Further attention to detail is obvious when considering the boot. Although the boot has to accommodate the folded roof it is still large enough for weekend bags, and also comes with the lowest sill loading height in the class (590mm) for additional convenience.

The new Renault Mégane Coupé-Cabriolet will be offered in Australia in one guise, powered by the Euro 5 compliant 103kW, 2.0-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine from the new generation Mégane Hatch, and mated to the fuss-free Renault-Nissan Alliance-developed Continuously Variable Transmission. This powerful and frugal engine returns a creditable 8.1-litres per 100km.

The 16V engine produces its peak power at 6,000rpm and maximum torque of 195Nm is available from as little as 3,750rpm.

The new Renault Mégane Coupé-Cabriolet is priced from $45,990 (Manufacturer’s Retail Price*), and arrives at Renault dealers around Australia from mid November 2010.

* Manufacturer’s Retail Price does not include on road charges such as dealer delivery and statutory costs.

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