Porsche shows the new Boxster at the Geneva Motor Show

Porsche Boxster at Geneva Motor Show
Matthias Müller, President and CEO of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, today showed the new generation of the mid-engine sports car Boxster at the International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland.
Porsche Boxster at Geneva Motor Show

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  1. I have a silver Boxster with black leather which I drive on a race track regularly (about 18 times a year). Porsche’s well known for high performance engines, outstanding handling characteristics, and classic design. Porsche’s always incorporate the latest in automotive technology and many times Porsche actually invents the technology that everyone else copy’s later. Porsche’s are not trendy or are part of some kind of fad. They stand the test of time. They are the gold standard of the automotive world. I also own two BMW’s and while BMW’s are very nice cars they do not drive as well as my Porsche.

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