Origin Energy and Nissan Announce Electric Vehicle Partnership

Origin and Nissan Announce Electric Vehicle Partnership
Origin Energy Limited (Origin), Australia’s largest energy retailer, and Nissan Motor Company Australia have announced an agreement which will further the development of the electric vehicles market in Australia.

Under the terms of the agreement, Origin, which is also Australia’s number one green energy provider, will be the preferred Electro Mobility Operator (EMO) for the new Nissan LEAF electric vehicle.

This partnership will redefine the electric vehicle customer purchasing and driving experience and help establish electric vehicles as a viable, convenient and more sustainable alternative to fossil fuelled vehicles.

Australian commercial, fleet and residential purchasers of Nissan LEAF – the world’s first purpose-built, family-sized, electric passenger car – will benefit from Origin’s fully-installed charging equipment and services, as well as efficient electricity management and advice.

Origin’s experience in home energy management, including its track record and market leadership in the development of low-carbon and renewable energy products, made the company an obvious partner for Nissan.

Nissan CEO Australia, Mr Dan Thompson, said “The Nissan LEAF has the potential to change the shape of urban and suburban motoring in Australia, and this agreement with Origin gives us a major strategic competitive advantage.

“It is this shared awareness of and advocacy for cleaner forms of energy that makes the Nissan and Origin agreement such a fitting and promising one,” he said.

Origin Executive General Manager Corporate Affairs, Mr Phil Craig said, “Our partnership with Nissan is an active demonstration of Origin’s ongoing commitment to the development of innovative and sustainable energy solutions for Australians.

“Nissan is one of the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturers and Origin is seeking to support this technology with electric vehicle charging equipment and services, delivering a simple and effective one-stop solution to consumers. Together with Nissan, Origin hopes to encourage a less oil-dependent motoring culture in Australia,” Mr Craig said.

More than 25,000 Nissan LEAFs are already on the roads around the world. The LEAF is scheduled to be introduced into the Australian market in June 2012.

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