New Kia Sportage – stamping its style in a very competitive segment

Kia Sportage fifth generation

Kia Sportage – The fifth-generation Kia Sportage medium sized SUV has just been launched in Australia. It has distinctive looks that breaks away from the many off-the-shelf trendy design elements of some other vehicles.

Increased exterior dimensions translates into a 8% increase in the 2nd row legroom and a 16.5% larger boot storage area.

There are three power train options.

  • A 2 litre petrol engine – 2 wheel drive –in manual or automatic.
  • 6 litre turbo – with all wheel drive and a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox – this is the most fun to drive
  • 2 litre diesel with a large amount of torque, all-wheel-drive and an 8 speed automatic.

The top of range GT-Line gets the most commentary from the marketing department.

Especially the cinematic infotainment screen that appears to flow into the screen for the driver’s information.  Both screens are over 12inches in size.

Drive away prices range from $34,700 to $55,000.

Motoring journalists who often test cars when they are on their own and concentrate on the dynamics of the vehicle, can be dismissive of features that other users may appreciate. Kia’s Product manager Roland Rivero adds to this point about the sounds of nature feature that you can select soothing sounds such as rain falling gentle or the sounds of birds in the forest.

Roland: I think everyone’s, you know, time poor and trying to rush and do all sorts of things at once. These days, definitely customers are appreciating these features, even little things like, you know, we make fun of it, the sounds of nature. It actually helps soothe babies and put them to sleep. So, you know, the ability to talk to the third row with the intercom function that’s also being appreciated by customers. So I think depending on the customer type, but definitely the parents are loving some of these features.

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