Mercedes-Benz Vans: the eVito Panel Van and eVito Tourer

eVito – Mercedes-Benz Vans Australia new eVito range, comprising the work-focused eVito Panel Van and the eVito Tourer, an eight-seat people mover.

Mercedes Benz eVito Panel Van

  • Following the European market’s lead, Mercedes-Benz Vans Australia introduces two new all-electric models
  • With up to 6.0m3 cargo load volume, an 882 kg payload and 3200 kg GVM, the practical eVito Panel Van adds cost-efficient electric charging to the Mercedes-Benz Vans range
  • The eight-seat eVito Tourer is a powerful and well-appointed people mover designed to lower running costs for a variety of commercial users, including airport transfer services and local municipal councils.
  • Both vehicles are available to order now via Mercedes-Benz eVan Retailers

he new Mercedes-Benz eVito Tourer – interior;combined power consumption: 26.2 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km*

eVito Choice

The new eVito pairing marks the first time that Mercedes-Benz Vans has offered its Australian customers not one, but two EV alternatives, adding extra momentum to the company’s goal to offer electrified models across its entire range.

Not only does the eVito Panel Van provide customers with the option to tangibly reduce their running and maintenance costs, it also creates a powerful marketing tool to demonstrate their commitment to operating sustainably.

The eVito Tourer, meanwhile, is set to become the first all-electric eight-seat people mover to enter the Australian passenger and commercial vehicle market, creating a highly attractive and cost-effective option for a variety of commercial operators.

The eVito Tourer is expected to be joined later this year by the all-electric EQV, a luxurious seven-seat people mover designed from the ground up by Mercedes-EQ to serve the discerning needs of both families and luxury-focused business customers.

More details of the specification and pricing of this important model will be provided as they become available.

Importantly for commercial operators seeking to maximise their efficiency, the eVito Panel Van and eVito Tourer both require servicing only every 12 months or 40,000 km (whichever occurs first), and are covered by 24-hour roadside assistance support. The standard warranty covers each vehicle for five years or 250,000 km, and the battery for eight years or 160,000 km.

Mercedes Benz eVito Panel Van

Mercedes-Benz eVito Panel Van

With unprecedented cost pressures eating into profitability of business operators, there has never been a better time to make tangible cuts to running costs. With the eVito Panel Van, customers have the potential to achieve instant savings on one of their largest costs by refuelling with electricity instead of using fossil fuel.

The eVito Panel Van solely utilises an electric motor, sending an impressive 85 kW of power and 360 Nm of torque from the 60 kW/h battery pack to the front wheels via a single-speed transmission. With 100% of torque available from a standing start, drivers can expect smooth acceleration and excellent tractability in stop-start urban traffic. Energy consumption is estimated at 27.36 kW/h per 100km, equating to an estimated driving range of up to 262 km (NEDC) ¹ between recharging. This makes the eVito Panel Van an ideal companion for inner urban delivery loops.

Mercedes Benz eVito Panel Van

That’s further reinforced by the bullock-like pulling power of an electric motor that shoulders the heavy lifting, without sacrificing the agility and inner-city manoeuvrability that delivery drivers, trades and small business operators need.

Charging time from 0-100% using Alternating Current (AC) with a charging power of 11 kW is estimated to take approximately 6.5 hours¹; meanwhile, a Direct Current (DC) fast charger (80 kW) can top up the battery pack from 10% to 80% in as little as 35 minutes¹. The DC option offers speed, while AC is more cost-effective for overnight charging. Either method utilises the vehicle’s inbuilt Type 2 (CCS) charging system.

The driver can also adapt their driving style to suit their needs using standard gearshift paddles. These toggle between five recuperation modes that recover energy during deceleration. In the most active mode, D-, deceleration and therefore recuperation is at its strongest, requiring less manual braking and maximising driving range. The D, D+ and D++ modes progressively reduce active deceleration, while DAuto mode uses a radar sensor to automatically adjust the recuperation level to the traffic situation.

Mercedes-Benz eVito with all-electric drive, exterior, 85 kW, up to 300 Nm, battery capacity: 41 kWh, length/width/height: 5140/1928/1945 mm, wheelbase: 3200 mm, payload: 1015 kg, gross vehicle weigth: 3200 kg.

Most importantly of all, the eVito Panel Van still gets the job done. With 882 kg of payload and a GVM of 3200 kg, it’s a strong and flexible platform ideally suited to a variety of cargo types. Up to 6.0m3 of cargo load volume is available, via a loading space that is 2398 mm long, 1709 mm wide (excluding wheel arches) and 1392 mm high. Dual rear sliding doors ensure the cargo is easily and safely accessible, no matter what the parking situation.

The two-seat eVito Panel Van also takes good care of the most important cargo of all – the driver and passenger. Standard safety features designed to help the driver to safely negotiate almost any traffic situation include Blind Spot Assist with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert; Lane Keeping Assist; Active Brake Assist; PARKTRONIC Active Parking Assist; Highbeam Assist Plus; Hill-Start Assist; Crosswind Assist; front and rear parking sensors; front, thorax and window airbags; automatic headlights; rain-sensing wipers; daytime running lights; and a front and rear acoustic sound generator. Further important driving aids include rollover mitigation, load adaptive control, enhanced understeer control and acceleration skid control.

Standard equipment highlights include DISTRONIC Active Distance Assist cruise control; a reversing camera with dynamic steering lines and three rear-view modes; a seven-inch touchscreen with voice control capability, Bluetooth audio streaming and Smartphone integration (Android Auto ® and Apple CarPlay®)2; a leather-covered multifunction steering wheel adjustable for both reach and rake; a seatbelt warning for both seats; illuminated exits; handy stowage including a centre console, eyewear compartment and cup holders; heated and electrically adjustable side mirrors; and window tinting.

The fabric trim seats have lumbar support and cushion length adjustment, and are heated to help reduce reliance on climate control, reducing power use and helping to increase driving range.

Mercedes Benz eVito tourer

Mercedes-Benz eVito Tourer

Formerly known as the Valente, the Vito Tourer is now available as a dedicated EV. The new eVito Tourer plays to the platform’s renowned strengths by loading up on passengers instead of cargo – there is comfortable and spacious seating for eight, including the driver. As the first all-electric people mover to be offered to the Australian commercial market, this model is expected to be highly sought-after by a variety of businesses, including airport transfer companies and local municipal councils looking to maximise their profit margins by reducing recurrent running costs, while simultaneously minimising the environmental impact of their fleet.

Sharing the same underpinnings and basic architecture as the eVito Panel Van, the eVito Tourer goes its own way in several important respects. Eschewing the van’s standard bulkhead, it includes seating for eight in a 2:3:3 configuration, with the seats able to be individually folded down to increase cargo space if required.

Mercedes Benz eVito Panel Van

Passengers will also enjoy THERMOTRONIC climate control, which includes a pre-entry climatisation function that allows for heating or cooling whilst the vehicle is still charging, to reduce energy draw on the onboard battery. Externally differentiating the Tourer from the Panel Van are large side windows and 17-inch alloy wheels.

The eVito Tourer is equipped with a more powerful electric motor sending 150 kW and 365 Nm to the front wheels. A usable battery capacity of 90 kW/h and power consumption of 26.15 kW/h per 100km¹ gives the vehicle an exceptional indicative touring range of up to 421 km (NEDC) ¹ between recharges.

To charge the battery from 0 to 100% using AC charging (at 11 kW) takes approximately 10 hours¹, while DC fast charging (at 110 kW) requires approximately 45 minutes¹ to top up from 10% to 80%.

The eVito Tourer is equipped with the same comprehensive safety package as the eVito Panel Van, and a similar standard specification list. Additionally, the Tourer’s second- and third row comfort seats include a folding outer rear seat that helps with accessibility from the side-access doors, while the seat rail system has a quick locking system for fast adjustments. These seats are trimmed in black leatherette and include ISOFIX and tethering points. The roof lining and interior panels are finished in quality materials, and carpet flooring is fitted throughout the cabin.

Mercedes Benz eVito tourer


Both vehicles are available, in limited quantities, to order now from Mercedes-Benz eVan Retailers.

Mercedes-Benz eVito Van                    $89,353 (MRLP)

Mercedes-Benz eVito Tourer              $116,115 (MRLP).

1 The declared range and energy consumption figures are indicative only and determined by testing under standardised laboratory conditions to comply with ADR 81/02. Real world energy consumption is influenced by many additional factors such as individual driving style, load, traffic, ambient temperature and vehicle condition. Indicative charging times are indicative only and can vary depending on many factors including but not limited to ambient conditions, auxiliary consumables (e.g. seat heating and air-conditioning) and capabilities of charging infrastructure capacity and/or supply. The declared energy consumption figures should only be used for the purpose of comparison amongst vehicles.

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