Kona EV joins NSW Police Force

KonaElectric-NSWPolice01The NSW Police Force is set to test a Hyundai Kona Electric for 12 months. Liveried in instantly recognisable blue and red, the Kona EV will be deployed from Penrith Police Station within the Nepean Area Command.

  • NSW Police Force set to test a Hyundai Kona Electric as part of a 12-month sponsorship
  • Kona EV to be deployed from Penrith Police Station in the Nepean Area Command
  • The Crime Prevention Unit will experience the unique benefits of a zero-emissions EV
  • Community engagement will let public get up close with the tech, to win new EV fans

The long-range electric SUV will be used as part of the Crime Prevention Unit as well as for community engagement.

The addition of a Kona EV to its fleet for 12 months will provide the Nepean Police Area Command with the opportunity to experience the practicality, convenience, driveability and safety of a zero-emission vehicle over the course of their daily patrols.

In addition, pressing the Kona EV into service for community engagement events will let the public sample the model’s unique benefits, to win new EV fans.

An AC charger installed in the Penrith Police Station underground secure carpark will allow recharging overnight as well as during the day.

The latter is unlikely to be needed, given Kona Electric’s range of up to 449km (WLTP), which equates to the capacity to go for several shifts on a single charge.


As the first fully electric small SUV, Kona Electric is a car of no compromise, combining progressive sports utility style and a zero-emission battery-electric powertrain.

With its unique exterior design featuring a distinctive closed grille the Kona EV is certain to stand out, as well as providing a roomy and versatile Police vehicle with the protection of an extensive standard Hyundai SmartSenseTM safety suite.

“We’re delighted to provide a Kona Electric for use by the NSW Police Force,” Hyundai Motor Company Australia Chief Executive Officer, Jun Heo said.

“Deploying Kona Electric within the Nepean Area Command Crime Prevention Unit as well as for community engagement is a terrific opportunity for the NSW Police Force and the public to experience the unique benefits of our long-range, zero-emission battery-electric SUV,” he said.

“The Hyundai Kona electric vehicle is a valuable addition to the Nepean Police Area Command and will assist our Crime Prevention Unit with its community engagement initiatives,” said Superintendent Chris Keane, Commander of Nepean Police Area Command.

“The sponsored vehicle with unique police markings is generating a lot of interest and comments when out in the community, and we are grateful to Hyundai for its support of our Command.”

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