Mazda 6 GT SP Wagon, NOT an SUV Review

Mazda 6 GT SP Wagon, NOT an SUV Review. I went up the short ramp into the garage, and there it stood before me, the Mazda 6 Wagon.

2021 Mazda6

It looks all long and leggy, and very very classy.

First, a bit of history.

Mazda rejigged their nomenclatures in the early 2000’s, when the 626 became the Mazda 6. Since 2002 there have been 3 generations of the Japanese mid-size sedan and wagon. It’s been 9 years the current mode went on sale, and that is elderly in automotive terms. The design  was good to begin with, and it still in good order now.

Mazda6 Outside:

Mazda 6 is an elegant wagon with a gentle sloping back. It gives SUV buyers a genuine choice if a wetsuit and pair of flippers is all that is carried about on the weekend. The rear end give access to 506L worth of cargo hold, expanding to 1648L with the seats down.


  • 4,800mm long
  • 1,480mm high
  • 1,840mm wide (excluding mirrors)
  • 165mm ground clearance
  • 2,740 wheelbase
  • 950mm front overhang
  • 1,100 rear overhang

GT SP comes with black 19” alloys and 225/45 R19 tyres. There are roof racks for accessories such as bike racks.

LED  headlights are adaptive in the top model, with automated High Beam control.

2021 Mazda6

Mazda6 Inside:

The cabin is classy, cosy, and comfortable.

Surfaces are covered in soft fake cow. Real cow, in red, feels properly luxurious. Front and back outboard seats are heated, with the front being power adjusted.

Infotainment can be controlled by the touch screen or centre console command centre. The screen input is locked out once you’re under way. DAB, Apple CarPlay, and Android auto are syandard.

Mazda 6 GT SP has driver dials in a set of 3 rings, with the right hand one being an LCD screen. There is an LCD screen in some Mazda models so why not in our $52,000 wagon? Well you may ask. Not to fear, there is a colour HUD projecting data on the windscreen.

Mazda6 drive:

Mazda is posh, with a ride befitting its poshness. You waft off from the light in regal splendour.

The 2.5L 4 cylinder has a gentle 170kw to power you up to highway speed, but the 6 speed automatic needs an extra couple of cogs. At 110kph, you be hitting 2200 rpm.

The back seat spacious, but the front headrests make the atmosphere a little too cosy.

Not only does the suspension make the ride sublime, but brilliant sound insulation keeps the ambience suitably Zen.

Under Covid restrictions, our usual drives were severely curtailed. We still found twists and turns, albeit dialled down a notch or two. The important thing is that Mazda6 feels incredibly light.

Driver aids are unobtrusive, with lane warning, blind spot monitor, an HUD, amd smart cruise control to name but a few.

2021 Mazda6


In short, Mazda6 feels still has it, in spades. It rides well, is quiet, and handles a luxurious limo. What’s not to like?

Price: $47,990

Engine: 2.5L Cylinder Turbo Petrol

Econ: 7.6L

Trans: 6-speed Automatic