Lexus held the world premiere of its first luxury yacht, the Lexus LY 650


Lexus LY 650 Lexus LY 650 – In its continuing challenge to deliver innovative and amazing experiences to its customers, Lexus held the world premiere of its first luxury yacht, the Lexus LY 650, in Florida – with interest flowing from customers all the way over in Australia.

The LY 650 is a new embodiment of Lexus’ challenge to go beyond the automobile to deliver innovative and amazing experiences, joining the LC sports coupe, LS luxury sedan and LX premium SUV as the luxury lifestyle brand’s fourth flagship.

Lexus LY 650

Lexus Sport Yacht Concept

Based on the Lexus Sport Yacht Concept first shown in January 2017, the LY 650 features unique styling and superb cruising performance.

Lexus – which aspires to be a true luxury lifestyle brand – has fused advanced technology and craftsmanship to provide an irreplaceable experience that stimulates the senses and exceeds owner expectations, even at sea.

This LY 650 flagship yacht is the new embodiment of the Lexus “CRAFTED” philosophy, to which exquisite attention to detail and anticipatory hospitality are applied in every possible aspect.

The shape of the hull, the abundant volume of the stern, and other elements, in addition to beautiful curved lines, give the LY 650 unprecedented and distinctive exterior styling.

Lexus LY 650

Collaboration with Italian yacht design studio Nuvolari Lenard1 has resulted in an advanced design and a comfortable interior living space with built-in quality in every detail.

Furthermore, in pursuit of cruising that achieves the exhilarating performance of a Lexus, the yacht rides on a light and highly rigid composite hull that combines CFRP (carbon fiber-reinforced plastic) and GFRP (glass fiber-reinforced plastic), and was jointly developed with Marquis Yachts LLC22.

Additionally, the LY 650 is equipped with LY-Link, an advanced technology for boat connectivity that shares timely information and provides control of various yacht functions.

The LY 650 is built in collaboration with the craftspeople of Marquis Yachts2 in Pulaski, Wisconsin, USA.

Lexus LY 650

Lexus Australia chief executive Scott Thompson confirmed interest from local customers in the LY 650.

“The Lexus LY 650 delivers a maritime interpretation of the brave design for which the LC, LS and LX flagships are renowned, and we are interested in working with local customers to bring this incredible luxury yacht to Australia,” Mr Thompson said.

President Akio Toyoda commented: “The LY 650 symbolises the challenge taken by Lexus, which aspires to be a true luxury lifestyle brand, to venture beyond the automobile. I am truly looking forward to seeing the advanced, high quality LY650 display its beauty on the oceans across the globe. As a mobility company, we are pursuing new possibilities for mobility even on the sea.”

Lexus LY 650


Expressing the Lexus design language anew in the form of a 65-foot yacht

* The LY 650 flybridge cruiser retains the vibrant form and beautiful curved lines of the Lexus Sport Yacht Concept and is both elegant and sporty. Its strong and pronounced bow, and dynamic hull boasting one of the widest beams in its class, swiftly reveal the presence of a LY 650, while its coupe-like roofline and accentuated aft hips stress the high level of its cruising performance.
* The premiere yacht features an optional two-tone color scheme that highlights its one-of-a-kind form and captures the image of the Lexus Sports Yacht Concept from 2017. Metallic accents on the bow, side windows, and the vessel’s L-shaped air intakes create the iconic image of a Lexus yacht.
* The interior fuses advanced design and omotenashi (Japanese hospitality that sincerely and warmheartedly anticipates and fulfills people’s needs) in pursuit of high quality that is distinctively Lexus and features a bright, white-themed interior space for a sense of openness, while the use of curving lines and creative lighting provide a comfortable sense of envelopment.
* The salon’s efficient layout features dual captain’s seats and sofas set forward and a galley set aft. Below the salon are three elegant berths with 6 feet and 6 inches (more than two meters) of headroom, each with a private head with shower.

Lexus LY 650

Exceptional performance and quietness befitting a maritime flagship

* To achieve the exhilarating performance of a Lexus, the LY 650 was meticulously designed and engineered to provide both cruising comfort and dynamic response to the helm in any yachting situation.
* The powertrain features twin Volvo Penta®3 IPS3 engines (1350/1200/1050). By integrating these with a unique underwater-hull shape achieved through the application of computational fluid dynamics modelling, Lexus was able to achieve not only high output, but also exceptional cruising stability and manoeuvrability. The LY 650 also boasts an array of piloting-support functions, including joystick control, fixed-point position-holding at sea, and an auto-flap function.
* The underwater hull and the upper part of the hull are constructed of CFRP for lightness and high rigidity, contributing to remarkable high-speed performance and a comfortable cruising experience. Sandwich panels with excellent soundproofing qualities are used in the main walls to help ensure exceptional quietness for uninterrupted conversation.

Lexus LY 650

An extraordinary user experience created by advanced technology

* LY-Link, an advanced technology for boat connectivity, shares and provides various information in a timely manner. The technology can be used to monitor the vessel and have notifications sent via text message should an abnormality be detected. It also enhances convenience by enabling users to remotely turn on and turn off such components as the yacht’s air conditioning system and lights via a smartphone.
* From the captain’s seat, both style and high operability come into play, thanks to a stylish instrument panel with touchscreen operation.
* An available custom Mark Levinson®4 Surround Sound System with a subwoofer system creates an immersive concert hall-like acoustic space in the salon.

Lexus LY 650

High-quality craftsmanship and built-in quality

* Production of the LY 650 is by Marquis Yachts’2 superbly skilled craftspeople in Wisconsin. Their extensive marine experience and takumi craftsmanship are evident in each hand-molded, custom-painted hull, which is created with exacting precision that is also applied to the machining and welding processes. Finely crafted details are evident in the stainless-steel deck fittings custom-made for each vessel by in-house fabricating and welding takumi, the extensive custom-fitted and custom-finished real wood trim and fabricated furniture components, and the hand-sewn seat surface materials.

Sales outline
* Sales launch: October 30, 2019

Lexus LY 650

LY 650 main specifications

Overall length 65 feet (designated by ‘650’) or 19.94 metres
Beam (width) 5.76 metres
Engine Options Two Volvo Penta®3 IPS in 558kW, 661kW or 735kW (each)
Fuel capacity 4012 litres
Water capacity 852 litres
Occupancy 15 people
Sleeping quarters 3 staterooms with sleeping for 6 people

1 Nuvolari Lenard is a yacht design company founded by boat designers Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard and based in Venice, Italy. Its wide range of experience centers on large, custom yachts.
2 Marquis Yachts builds and sells both Carver Yachts and Marquis.
3 Volvo Penta IPS is a registered trademark of the Volvo Group.
4 Save for Lexus trademarks depicted, all other product and company names are trademarks of their respective owners.

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