Hyundai Accent 1.6L CRDi Diesel Review

Hyundai Accent Active ext 1
Recently I got the chance to drive the Hyundai Accent 1.6ltr CRDi Diesel .There are three variants, the Active, the Elite and the Premium .The active was my choice for the day.

Now I always approach a “small” vehicle with a little apprehension ,being that on a good day I stand 192cm ,so the feeling of squeezing in to a small car is not my idea of fun. Now from first impression the car did look smart with its sleek, fluidic sculpture design . I think its fair to say these late model Hyundai’s have a real stance, ready to pounce look about them , which is a regular look across the entire range (very smart).

So I’ve opened the door and got ready to fold myself in half to enter the vehicle BUT to my surprise climbed in with ease!!! . Sitting there I was really impressed with the leg room and not to mention the layout of the dash, basic but functional . Now I say basic but when you get down to the details the standard issue that comes with these vehicles is outstanding.

Hyundai Accent Active dash 1

Bluetooth Streaming and Hands Free, Steering Wheel Audio Controls, IPod Aux and USB connectivity, Electro-Chromatic Mirror (the mirror senses bright lights from vehicles at the rear and dims automatically), Comfortable Seats, well upholstered with adjustable headrest, sliding armrest and height adjustable driver’s seat. Rear seats have 60/40 split for extra storage space, Dual Zone Climate Control, Push Button Start, Keyless Entry and Proximity Smart Key….. and this is the Active !!!!.

I then got out and jumped into the back seats and although small surprisingly comfortable. So the inside is impressive ,what’s it like to drive. I had driven the Veloster the previous week and was a little disappointed with the lack of power so I was anticipating the same with the Accent BUT this small car has some oomph!! These are the stats I’ve borrowed from Hyundai’s web site spec sheet:

Hyundai Accent Active engine 1

Transverse front-mounted driving front wheels
1.6L (15824-in-line16 valve Twin overhead camshafts (HLA)
94 kW @ 4000,260 Nm @ 1900
2750Common rail direct injection (CRDi),
Intercooled with variable Geometry Turbo (VGT) / Diesel

The drive was comfortable and predictable with the Accent. Driving through the city was easy and of course parking was simple and very easy. Vision around the vehicle was great.

Out on the freeway I was super impressed with its acceleration and overall comfort on how it handled the freeway conditions. If I was travelling with a passenger I would take this to Cairns and back . If I was a family heading in the same direction I would probably opt for a larger vehicle like the i45 or my favourite at the moment the i40 Tourer.

I’ve taken a liking to these late model Hyundai’s and I would honestly suggest if you’re looking for a vehicle with safety and heaps a features packed in as standard at a reasonable price, take one for a test drive and make sure you check out the Elite and the Premium while you’re at it .