Audi E Tron 50 Quattro 2021 Review

We want to dispel those, tired, old electric car myths. In fact, let’s call it out for what it is: outright lies and propaganda. This week we drove Audi’s new E Tron.

First series production of electric mobility with exceptional technology

  • Electric cars can’t be fully recycled.

The amount of material recycled from each vehicle, electric or not, varies. In short, EVs are no better and no worse than any other conveyance.

  • Precious metals required for batteries are running out.

Following that logic, surely the same goes for oil, coal, and gas.

  • Electric cars take too long to charge.

The E Tron took under 10 minutes to get to 80%.

  • Electric cars can’t pull trailers.

I’ll direct you to a Tesla pulling an aircraft, and leave it at that. Google it.

  • Electric cars can’t do road trips.

The Audi e Tron would need an ultra-fast charger every 2 hours, strangely, the same time recommended for a rest on a long trip. That can currently be done, but not easily.

  • Audi E Tron: Comes in 2 body styles

You can choose a wagon, or the “Sportback.” unlike BMW X4 and X6, Mercedes GLE, and GLC. The Audi looks less bloated.

Who will buy the Audi E Tron Sportback?

Anyone with the money.

Audi crafted a sexy new body around their electric drivetrain. It is big, very big, with 21” wheels that should make the ride rubbish, but the ride is sensational.

Inside, the cabin is tastefully restrained. There is high quality leather, veneers of wood and well made plastic. The high-tech motor and battery pack is out of sight, with enough room under the bonnet for a large box for cables.

The driver has 4 LCD screens including an HUD.  The latter has data live-streamed onto the windscreen like a fighter jet. Dials have been replaced by an LCD monitor, with two more LCD screens on the centre stack. The infotainment screen has haptic feedback, and the lower screen fettle climate controls.

The gear stick is a knob under a leather pad. Your hand falls naturally to the ergonomically shaped aluminium bullet, and I love about it is that it isn’t immediately recognisable as a gear device.

First series production of electric mobility with exceptional technology

What’s Audi E Tron Sportback like to drive?

Audi E Tron Sportback is serene and calm, whether on the move or not..

There is no sound except for the slight whine of the electric motor.

Electric door locks allow cabin entry, and the push of the start button awakens the electronics. Lighting throughout gives an ambient glow, adding to the calm atmosphere.

Once direction is selected, you’re then sailing silently the chaos, enveloped by only those sounds you’ve personally selected from the audi menu. There is no AM radio, thankfully.

Air suspension can be adjusted, and I chose the comfort most of the time. Most drivers will probably do the same.

Audi may claim 300km of range, but the best we managed was between 200 and 230km. A heavy foot reduces the range even further. The effect of instant torque is intoxicating.

Every movement of your right foot brings instant reaction. E Tron has E Quattro. That simply means there is a motor for each pair of wheels. The only thing joining them is a cable.

First series production of electric mobility with exceptional technology

Does a big heavy car like Audi E Tron handle well?

There is no hiding the SUV-ness of E Tron. Clever suspension can only do so much. You change direction without hesitation, and with the batteries down low, there is not as much body roll as you would think.

Steering is effortless, just like everything else about the E Tron.

First series production of electric mobility with exceptional technology

Our Drive:

We overnighted at the cottage, and dined at the pub.

We think weekends away is the most taxing adventure E-Tron will be asked to undertake.

A nearby fast charger topped us up, and all was good. Remember, charging at Chargefox is free (for Audi owners) for 6 years.

E Tron was universally adored.

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