2020 Range Rover Sport HSE 3.0 Dynamic Review

2020 Range Rover Sport HSE 3.0 Dynamic Road Test Review

Range Rover has so many variants in their line-up it makes your head spin.

However, I was able to score a drive in arguably one of the most desirable RR Sport models last week – the high output, V6, turbo diesel  HSE Dynamic that resides in the middle of the range.

Rangey Sport is a smaller version of the full size Range Rover but you wouldn’t know unless they were parked side by side. They look so similar.

The test vehicle was powered by RR’s super torquey, 3.0-litre, V6  turbo diesel good for 225kW and a house moving 700Nm of torque from a mere 1500rpm to 1750rpm.

On top of that, this hefty 2170kg luxury 4×4 can sip fuel at just 7.4 litres/100km giving a range well in excess of 1000km.

For towing, it’s difficult to think of a more capable vehicle as the Rangey Sport driven has a 3500kg towing capacity and air suspension to keep everything well under control.

Range Rover Sport HSE

I did an extended tow in the test vehicle, hauling a car and trailer rig coming in at around 2.0 tonnes all up…. and barely felt it.

On this drive, the Sport was clicking over 10.4-litres/100km…. towing – something I have never seen before, even from a Toyota V8 diesel LandCruiser.

Then, when you unhitch the rig and let the Ranger Sport Dynamic off the leash, it goes like a performance car capable of clocking a 0-100kmh in around 7.0 seconds and delivering robust roll on acceleration from higher speeds.

The slick shifting 8-speed auto is almost predictive and interior noise is non-existent.

This one goes for a starting price of $146,231 but then there’s a vast options list you can play with to empty your wallet. As it stood, the test vehicle was $184,209.

Range Rover Sport HSE


Stunning and distinctive is the best way to describe the Rangey Sport’s looks. It has serious cut through on the street with characteristic Range Rover styling cues such as the clamshell bonnet, high waistline,  floating roof and bluff front with flush LED headlights and imposing mesh grille. The tail treatment is just as handsome as the front owing nothing to any existing design. They sure know how to style them at Range Rover.

It has a powerful stance with minimal wheel arch gap and selective use of vents and body garnishes unlike other brands which go over the top in this area.

The doors are big, the greenhouse is generous and the body details subtle and sexy…

Would be a tad iffy taking one off road and scratching it but this is a fully capable off roader…..

Range Rover Sport HSE


As you’d expect, it’s all soft leather and tasteful design not to mention comfortable and luxurious. The test vehicle had grey leather with a surprising simple and clean dash layout focussed on the large centre touchscreen that controls most in-car functions.

The wheel has numerous switches and is electrically adjustable for rake and reach.

The super comfy seats are also fully adjustable electrically in the first two rows, dunno what they have down the back because I didn’t use them and the third row is optional in any case.

There was an acoustic front screen (optional) to cut noise and the test car had a monumental 22 speaker Meridian audio system, optional at $14,650.

It’s roomy for 7 and a large load space is created with the two rear rows folded. Dual zone climate control has plenty of outlets to maintain interior temperature.

Selecting your preferred drive mode is easy through the terrain response dial located on the centre console.

Love the big 10-inch touchscreen and folding armrests on the front seats, the ability to raise and lower the vehicle, the excellent radar cruise control and its ability to eat kilometres fatigue free.

Range Rover Sport HSE


Plenty to report here:

  • Constant all-wheel drive
  • 2-speed transfer, High and Low
  • Electronic active differential
  • Adaptive air suspension
  • Torque vectoring by braking
  • Metal pedals
  • Heads up display
  • Auto LED headlights
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Interactive driver display
  • Paddle shift

Range Rover Sport HSE

Drive and Engine

Wow, what a beast.

The supercharged petrol V8 wins the arms race but really, truly, you simply don’t need it. This diesel V6 has so much grunt you could get locked up (in gaol) real quick.

It is barely perceptible as a diesel or a V6 inside or outside with the big bonus at the bowser which only rarely needs to be visited.

There are other engine choices here including a diesel V8 another V6 turbo diesel and a four cylinder petrol turbo, not forgetting the supercharged petrol V8 with a gazillion kilowatts of power and the same torque as my test vehicle.

You don’t need them because this is the one to get on a whole lot of fronts not the least being pulling power and fuel efficiency.

I couldn’t actually get it to 7.4 but saw 7.6 on steady highway cruising. That’s rare in something this size and weight.

The air suspension delivers a super comfortable ride with sporty handling when you exercise the right foot. Of course, weight and height ultimately tell against the Sport but you certainly won’t be disappointed by the way it goes or the well calibrated dynamics.

Minimal noise enters the cabin at any speed and the Sport is a lot of fun to drive especially away from the lights where it shows a clean pair of rears to plenty of allegedly sporty cars.

It tows like a beauty actually accelerating up long uphills that usually see our regular one tonner tow vehicle peg back to 80kmh after slipping back a few cogs.

Doesn’t happen here, no sir.

Range Rover Sport HSE


Scores 5-stars but recently gained more advanced driver assist tech that now includes lane departure warning, blind spot monitor, lane keeping assist, front and rear park assist, traffic sign recognition along with high speed emergency braking assist (AEB)adaptive cruise control and driver monitor.

I’d have to say the test vehicle was inherently safe because you are not fatigued in the slightest allowing full concentration to be maintained. Coupled with this is the relatively easy operation of all in car functions so you aren’t distracted mucking around with multiple menus.

Has good solid dynamics too, powerful brakes, large tyres (21-inch) on test vehicle and weight would be an advantage in some crash situations.

Range Rover Sport HSE

Good Bits

  • Looks classy
  • Awesome tow vehicle
  • Heaps of torque low in engine speed range

Not So Good Bits

  • Ridiculous amount of options
  • Inadequate 3yr/100,000km warranty
  • Factory tow hitch too close to rear bumper


Until now, my go-to fourbie has been the Toyota 200 Series LandCuiser V8 diesel. Ticks plenty of boxes, goes great, looks good, unbreakable. Now, I’m not so sure as the Rangey Sport driven tows a bit better and has more performance than the ‘Cruiser along with killer looks and huge prestige value. Would I take one around Australia? Probably not but everywhere else is on the agenda.

Facts and Figures: 2020 Range Rover Sport HSE Dynamic

  • Engine: 3.0L V6 turbo diesel producing 225kW/700Nm
  • Transmission: Eight-speed automatic
  • Warranty: 3 years/ 100,000km
  • Safety: Five stars
  • Origin: UK
  • Price: from $146,231 MLP*

*MLP – Manufacturers List Price includes GST and LCT but excluding statutory charges, dealer costs and dealer delivery. See your dealer for RDAP. Does not include price of any options.

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2020 Range Rover Sport HSE 3.0 Dynamic Review


Range Rover has so many variants in their line-up it makes your head spin.

However, I was able to score a drive in arguably one of the most desirable RR Sport models last week – the high output, V6, turbo diesel  HSE Dynamic that resides in the middle of the range.

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  1. After driving the redesigned new BMW X5, the Mercedes ML, the Lexus RX back-to-back, the Range Rover Sport’s driving characteristics simply left all the others behind. While looks are a matter of personal taste (and we love the Land Rover lineup), handling can be measured and what this SUV achieves – on- and off-road is simply amazing. This is our 5th Range Rover and none has disappointed.

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