2011 Renault Mégane Hatch Privilege Review

2011 Mégane Hatch Privilege

Chloe Fraser reviews the 2011 Renault Mégane Hatch Privilege. Released in October 2010 the Renault Mégane Hatch Privilege adds style to the market niche.

Renault has a reputation for producing some of the most unique looking cars, however, recently, Renault has released a new range with a re-vamped and more contemporary style, including the Megane Hatch.

While creating a more elegant and appealing look, the Renault Megane has kept some of distinctive features. Coming in the standard range of colours and trims, the Megane retains an edgy exterior with a sleek hatch and striking bonnet. With a sunroof and 17 inch alloy wheels as standard, this car certainly starts ticking the boxes.

The interior is decked out with leather trimmed seats, however, its dash and center console areas are rather basic, excluding the ever so helpful GPS. The digital speedometer is something that is very handy to p-platers to ensure they’re doing the correct speed and something about the re-design of the interior gives the Megane a sporty feel.

2011 Mégane Hatch Privilege

Storage inside is not a priority, with bottle holders awkwardly in the door and only one bottle holder is available in the center console area, only once you remove the holder for the GPS remote. However, the boot provides a large storage space. Equipped with Bluetooth, 4 speakers and AUX input with USB connection, the Megane certainly has all the connectivity and music facilities.

One thing I did find, once in the Renault, was that it was not very user friendly. Many of the buttons took a lot of fiddling with to understand their use and locating the correct buttons became a task! The multi function stalk behind the steering wheel in particular was difficult to get used to and it took a while to work out how to change radio stations from AM to FM.

Despite some negatives, the all important thing is the Megane provides a very comfortable and safe ride for all passengers. With ESP, ABS, dual, front, side and curtain airbags provide maximum safety. The Megane also boasts cruise control, automatic lights and wipers and rear parking sensors make driving the Megane that much easier.

2011 Mégane Hatch Privilege

The Megane Privilege is powered by a 2.0L 4 cylinder petrol engine with CVT transmission which only uses around 7.9L/100km and has a maximum torque of 195Nm and delivers 103KW of power. The power is not sporty but provides a smooth and quiet ride. Handling in relatively good for the class with the light steering a little lacking in feel but allowing the driver to manage the car with ease. 

With a starting price of $33,323, some may begin to question whether the Renault Megane is value for money. The Renault Megane leaves you with mixed feelings as it exudes class in many areas but some basic use of functions dont translate well to the Australian driver. Renault is trying hard to make their car more appealing to the modern day Australian market and they certainly are on the road to achieving this.

The exterior is incredibly attractive and the Megane boasts many premium features as standard including the GPS and sunroof. However, Renault have a bit further to go in combining their superior exterior with their interior and ensuring the car is user friendly for all drivers.

With the Megane hatch Renault have created a car that is moving leaps and bounds in the right direction however, the pricing is still unachievable for p-platers and doesn’t necessarily reflect value. It is however affordable for trendy inner city couples for example and would make an excellent vehicle for them.

2011 Mégane Hatch Privilege

P-Plate Positives:

1. The Megane, while becoming more streamline and tame in its appearance, has kept its distinctive looks to create the best of both worlds, resulting in a very attractive car.

2. This small little car provides a comfortable ride for every passenger and good boot space.

3. It’s jam-packed with loads of standard features that most cars have as optional including the GPS, sunroof and 17 inch alloy wheels.

P-Plate Negatives:

1. The lack of ease to navigate around the car creates a few problems as its not very user friendly, which incorporates its lack of storage.

2. Its price is quite out of the most teenagers price range, however is is cheaper than its competitors like the VW Golf.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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  1. Your blog is amazing dude. i love to visit it everyday.
    very nice layout and content

  2. I have a diesel version which I bought a month ago, its very good and economical and seems to go all right, the Sat nav and sunroof is also good. If only it was prepared by the dealer better?

  3. Larry,

    Dont know where your figures come from. According to glass’s guide after 3 yrs Resale on Corolla 53%,Golf 54% Megane 51%.
    That equates to a neglegable difference. Value ….price up a golf with leather nav sunroof (std on Megane privilege) and Corolla….. can you get those features ? If so wont be at the Renault price. Neither car offers 5 yr warranty 5 yr roadside assist.
    So Larry your aguement for the boring Corolla doesnt stack up

  4. I had the previous Megane and have just passed it on to my daughter. One of the great features in that model is the speed limiter which I’m sure has saved me a few speeding fines over the years. The limiter in the new Megane is slightly improved in its operation. A great feature which I don’t think you mentioned in your review. One negative is that the wing mirrors don’t fold in on the new model whereas they did on the old one. So if you happen to clip something (eg another wing mirror), you’re up for a few hundred dollars for two new ones.

  5. This car is a real attraction to my wife for a while, but it does not seem a good choice for rational buyers. Renault has much quicker depreciation than most car brands even the other French brands. For a Toyota, deprecation could be at linear consumption speed of purchasing cost/10-15 years. Its market value reflects book value. For a 2011 Megane Privilege, purchaser would lose at least $7000-8000 out of his assets value each year in terms of market price. The reason is simple – the better previous quality performance, the better brand reputation, and the less value loss. This bitter pill was caused by faults of Renault. New clients are not accountable for swallowing it themselves.

  6. Hi Chloe, Thank you for your review. I am in the process of purchasing a new car. I was all for the Peugeot 308 Hatch (Diesel) & as we were driving out of Peugeot, we drove right past the Renaut dealer ship with the Megane taking pride of place on an elevated platform.(I sware I heard angels sing when I cast my eyes on this car) We stopped and looked & I fell in love with its slick design & features & most importantly the price.
    I am test driving both of them this week (but am leaning slightly more to the Renaut) But of course the decision will sway more towards deals & what is more economical for me & my job. I have been a BMW girl for so many years so will be a nice change (although the BMW is still staying with us) 🙂

    • This is a bit late for you but maybe useful for others reading this review..

      I love my megane privilege but the economy is not a strong point, I went from a i30cw diesel (4sp auto) at 6.9 l/100km to the Megane (cvt) which is still at 9.9 l/100km.

  7. hi Chloe, my wife was in the throes of deciding on a car and your review pushed car towards the Megane. She took it for a test drive and loved it! Not sure about the price you quote in your review though – the dealer drive away was 25,990 for the Dynamic and 30,990 for the Privilege, along way off the starting price you quote above. Just a little thing but worth mentioning. Thanks for a great review, Paul Owen

    • Hi Paul
      Glad my article was able to help in some way.
      You wife has purchased an excellent car and I hope she gets a lot of enjoyment out of it like I did.
      The price quoted was a MPL, many dealers have special deals on to compete.
      No problems and I hope the Megane works well for you.
      Chloe Fraser

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