These Hoverboard Maintenance Tips Can Prolong Its Life: Take a Look

So, you thought about it, researched extensively and finally got yourself a hoverboard – hooray! But do hoverboards last forever without proper care?


Unfortunately no. Even Tony Stark had to maintain his shiny suits, so what’s keeping your hoverboard from wearing off?

You get the drift.

This is where we step in.

We have compiled useful hoverboard maintenance tips that you can start doing right away to increase your amazing hoverboard’s life. And if you haven’t bought one already, you can consider buying hoverboards in Australia.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff!

Keep the Board Clean

Use a soft and damp cloth to clean your hoverboard, maintain its shine, and keep its body shell intact. To avoid electric shock, unplug it from the socket.

Keep Wheels Unsoiled

The wheels are the base of the hoverboard and contain the motors. Check the wheels often to make sure there is no dust or debris stuck inside. You can clean the wheels with a brush or any other tool that can reach the centre. Make sure to avoid anything sharp.

It will not only look great but also increase its efficiency. Keep the debris out from the wheels, as they can damage the sensors and the motor, leading to losing control of your hoverboard.

Also, make sure that the tires are facing the same direction as your wheel shaft and before you start, make sure every bolt is tightened.

Let it Cool Down!

Like smartphones, hoverboards can heat up quickly when they are constantly used. After a long day of heavy-duty cruising, allow the board’s battery to cool off before you plug it in again.

Ensure That Pedals Work Fine

Sometimes you might feel the board shaking or not in control under your feet. It may be due to loose pedals.

If they seem too loose, immediately inspect them and make necessary repairs. You don’t want them too tight to steer, so test the board until you are confident that the brakes and pedals work correctly.

Don’t Let it Sit Idle

It’s better to be careful with your hoverboard from the start than spend thousands of dollars on its repair. Before you take off on your ride, make sure that your battery is fully charged.

A full battery will allow you to take advantage of the board’s speed and range. Thanks to the modern hoverboards, their batteries can be charged in a matter of minutes.

It is equally essential that the battery is kept clean. Therefore, remove the battery pack once your board is fully charged and check for damage, burns, or dirt. Finally, wipe the battery with a dry towel before you put it back in!

Check the Wiring

A hoverboard is a mechanical structure that will eventually wear out. So, make sure you check the internal wiring at least once a month. You can unplug the board and then open it to check if the wiring is tight.

Scooter Hut offers technical services and repairs in every store around Australia. Make sure you always contact your local store to get the support you need.

Expert Care

Although you may be an expert in using tools and a hoverboard, you may not be an expert in its repair.

So, it is best to have your hoverboard serviced at regular intervals, just like any other vehicle. It will make sure that your hoverboards’ mechanics are safe and sound.

Don’t Experiment With Extreme Terrains

Although some off-road hoverboards can be used in grassy terrains and riding uphill, it does not mean you can ride your hoverboards in the woods. You will soon notice that the platform and tires are wearing out quickly, leaving behind a ruined hoverboard that was once perfectly functional.

Store it Well

You should store your hoverboard well if you’re going on holidays or don’t plan to use it for long periods. Store it in a dry shed to prevent moisture from damaging the motherboard or battery.

Final Word

Follow the tips mentioned above to keep your hoverboard in its best shape. It will increase the durability of your hoverboard and give you a smoother ride.

Go riding!