The Mazda BT 50 Accessories No Off-Roader or Tradie Should Go Without

The Mazda BT 50 is one of the most popular vehicles for businesses that need entire fleets, tradies and off-roaders alike. The reasons are quite simple, you get the latest technologies, utmost comfort and great performance at a competitive price.

It’s spacious enough to comfortably sit five people and rugged enough to tackle the Australian outback.

However, as great as the Mazda BT 50 is, it can still be made better with aftermarket accessories. There are literally thousands of different accessories you’ll find, but not all of them will suit your Mazda and your needs. For that reason, I’ve compiled this list of the most useful accessories that tradies and off-roaders get, that either improve the storage capacity, protection and capabilities of the Mazda.

Roof Racks

Roof racks are one of the most sought-after Mazda BT 50 accessories, and for good reason. They make your Mazda more versatile by adding extra storage space on the roof. As a result, you won’t have to store anything inside the cabin, so you also get increased comfort. Roof racks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s important you get one that’s made for your particular model and make to ensure a proper fit without having to drill any extra holes or do heavy modifications.

It’s also important to consider the materials the roof rack is made of. Most commonly, roof racks are made of either steel or aluminium. While steel is the stronger option, it’s also heavier, and you want to keep weight at a minimum, especially when installing aftermarket accessories on the roof. Aluminium roof racks are lightweight, but more expensive. However, you can place more cargo on them, as they won’t impact your GVWR as much. You can also mount other accessories on your roof rack such as lights, UHF antenna, and so on.

The type of roof rack you choose will also depend on your Mazda’s roof setup. Some models come with installed roof rails, while others will require you to install them yourself.

Bull Bars

Bull bars are the most popular 4×4 gear for protection. Their purpose is quite simple – they protect the fragile parts located at the front of your vehicle. Just like roof racks, they can also be used to mount other 4×4 accessories.

Again, finding a bull bar that fits your Mazda model and make is important to ensure a seamless installation that doesn’t require too much modification. However, you also need to make sure the bull bar is ADR compliant. Furthermore, you should consider choosing a bull bar that has a rated towing point. This basically guarantees that the bull bar has been tested and certified by a third-party engineer.

Bull bars can be made of three materials – steel, aluminium and plastic. Steel bull bars, just like steel roof racks, are heavier, but also stronger. While you almost always want an aluminium roof rack, this isn’t necessarily the case for bull bars. If you think you’ll be putting your Mazda through a lot of abuse, and need the extra strength, then a steel bull bar will be the obvious choice.

However, if you won’t be traversing through rough terrain, then an aluminium bull bar will be the better choice. Again, the simple logic behind this is that aluminium is lightweight, so it won’t hurt your fuel economy as much.

Plastic bull bars are the most lightweight option, but they are almost always reserved for on-road use. This is simply because plastic can easily break, so it won’t offer much in terms of protection. On the upside, plastic bull bars are an affordable way to improve your vehicle’s looks, and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Towing Mirrors

Towing mirrors are a legal requirement if you’re towing a caravan, and they can come in very handy if you’re towing a trailer. Safety when towing is paramount, and being able to see what’s around you is crucial, not only for your own safety but for everyone you share the road with as well. Towing mirrors are categorised based on how they’re attached, and whether they’re manual or electric.

Clamp-style mirrors are the most popular choice, as they’re easy to attach and provide great stability. They’re available in a wide range of shapes.  Strap-on mirrors are another popular choice, and they easy and quick to install.

Suction mirrors are generally preferred by people who own vehicles that feature electric mirrors. The downside to suction mirrors is that they may reduce the overall visibility, as they block part of the vehicle’s stock mirrors. Another issue with this type of mirrors is that they aren’t as stable.

As far as shapes go, towing mirrors can be either flat and convex. The majority of modern car mirrors are convex, so it only makes sense that you should go for convex towing mirrors that are compatible with your car’s stock mirrors. The view offered by convex mirrors is superior, as they provide a wide-angle image. However, there’s a slight distortion that can make objects on them appear closer than they actually are.

Flat towing mirrors, on the other hand, provide a smaller field of view, but there’s no distortion. Your choice will come down to personal preference, although convex mirrors are the advisable choice according to most.

Final Thoughts

The aforementioned three accessories provide a lot of value. They won’t break your bank, yet you’ll get significant improvements in terms of comfort, versatility, protection and safety, regardless of whether you’re driving on or off the road.

Since Mazda BT 50 is such a popular vehicle in Australia, you’ll have an easy time finding a ton of 4×4 gear made specifically for your model and make. You can shop online, or go down to your local dealership or aftermarket parts vendor.

Look for Mazda BT 50 accessories that come with a warranty, as that implies the manufacturer stands behind the quality of their product, giving you peace of mind that the product you’ve bought will provide value for at least a certain amount of time.